Yarn Bombing Christmas Reminders Mulberry and other Blogs!

Ok so the spec has  a nice article about some local Yarn Bombing and how its all about the good vibes, if your down for this sort of graphitti with a softer edge and no paint fumes you may want to goto The Brain on Wednesday nights…. or Skydragon on Monday nights…. speaking of skydragon they have a Garage Sale coming up you may want to check out! also a craft fair but nothings on their website….

Also if you want to give a nice gift go local the printstudio, the factory,  the brain, mulberry, mixed media, white elephant and many more local businesses have gift certificates!

The Printstudio has a lot of nice courses you may want to take!

Also discovered a nice twitter page/blog all about Hamilton! They have some cool pics like this one from Mulberry Cafe’s after dark!

Also a bit of a blast from the past when Atomica Tattoo still lived on James St North it had some amazing art shows! Take a look at a video from one of those, its The Etcha Sketch Master! (fyi the atomica link goes to Petor’s new website/where you can go to see him and get a tattoo!)

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