Urban Farming

A recent artist of another kind has been recently featured in the Hamilton Spec, his name is Russ Ohrt and his Backyard Harvest, he is taking the FIMBY concept to Hamilton with a gusto. Fimby just stands for food in my backyard, a simple concept of saying lawns are for food and not decoration. The Spec talks about what he does specifically besides farm,

Ohrt is also a consultant or contractor for people who want to start their own gardens. He’ll remove trees, condition soil, build composters, design, plant and maintain gardens.” and the benifits “Having a bountiful garden has helped the Ohrts cut back on their grocery and restaurant bills.”

While he’s had articles before but this one is specifically about him so Congrats.

As a side note I have included some awesome things bellow for people to check out if you like this kind of stuff….



Interview with a WPA artist