Updates a Brain a Dragon some Salamanders and also a Bulldog

Ok so I’ve been a bit bummed out about skydragon but I did want to touch on some news of the street/area…..

The Spec has a article about the newly/finally open bar called “The Brain” on James north and whether it’ll be the new Hess Village?  Judging by the comments from Raise The Hammer’s site I really don’t think too many people are very keen on the concept. You may want to join their facebook page

Matt Jelly and By-Law crawl have a new initiate designating The Royal Connaugt a Heritage building.

Also a special movie is playing in Hamilton which I think many in its arts community should check out…..Yes Men Save Fix the World

Add to the save Skydragon list a possible save the Bulldogs hockey team? (I disagree with the bulldogs owner that the city/hamilton doesn’t support them enough or that Montreal has more bulldog fans)

Mac History still needs saving but I thought the Biz Dept was all business and super efficent just like any business???

On a positive light congrats to Hamilton’s Pakastani community for its new cfmu radio show! Sunday’s 9-10am! Click for podcasts too! CFMU Site Here

Also avoid driving on King for a couple days.