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Field Trip & Pop-Up Madness!

white elephant sign


So this Coming ArtCrawl is on May13/11 and its going to madness! Why you ask, cause there will be a pop-up store in Hamilton! (sadly I really love the concept and have read about these for a while being in nyc, london,etc)

Anyways…. those amazing ladies at White Elephant are not only apart of one they`re giving 25 free gift loot bags to the first 25 people!!!!!! (6pm is the start time and bring some cash cause its gonna be amazing!)


Preloved (Toronto and Montreal), Robber (Toronto), Fieldguided (Toronto), and Victoire (Ottawa), along with hometown heroes White Elephant and YarnOverMovement, are going to dazzle you with amazing clothes, accessories, deals! You have been hearing all about the wonder that is Hamilton’s art scene, now come experience it.

p.s:all you toronto folks there`s a express GO Bus from Toronto to Hamilton Takes about 1hr (non-rush hour) or express trains (5:02pm, 5:35pm, 6:35pm)


Yarn Bombing Christmas Reminders Mulberry and other Blogs!

Ok so the spec has  a nice article about some local Yarn Bombing and how its all about the good vibes, if your down for this sort of graphitti with a softer edge and no paint fumes you may want to goto The Brain on Wednesday nights…. or Skydragon on Monday nights…. speaking of skydragon they have a Garage Sale coming up you may want to check out! also a craft fair but nothings on their website….

Also if you want to give a nice gift go local the printstudio, the factory,  the brain, mulberry, mixed media, white elephant and many more local businesses have gift certificates!

The Printstudio has a lot of nice courses you may want to take!

Also discovered a nice twitter page/blog all about Hamilton! They have some cool pics like this one from Mulberry Cafe’s after dark!

Also a bit of a blast from the past when Atomica Tattoo still lived on James St North it had some amazing art shows! Take a look at a video from one of those, its The Etcha Sketch Master! (fyi the atomica link goes to Petor’s new website/where you can go to see him and get a tattoo!)