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AGH Comes to James St North!

First off congrats to AGH executive-director Louise Dompierre and the AGH in general for attaching itself to something outside it self and join the ever increasingly successful James St/Artcrawl scene. As the spec and others have stated recently…

“The gallery announced Thursday it is opening additional digs on James in the spring to house a second AGH store, and another exhibit, events or community room.

“It’s probably the biggest retail store to open in decades on James Street North,” said Tim Potocic, co-owner of 118 James St. N., the renovated building where the AGH will take up 5,000 square feet on the street level.”

(Also congrats to Tim Potocic for resisting the urge to fill his space with just another Money Mart  its sadly rare when people with means resists the urge to go make money at any price.) My only concern for the AGH’s move is the potential to crush the local business/art institutions. Its interesting that the specatator’s main message of their article wasn’t about artists or institutions or even businesses it was about people living downtown? While I’m all for this I’m not for James turning into another Locke St. If the AGH was smarter it would have done a blue banana/ agh store in their making it a pusher of local talent, think the recent Honey Bee collective sale on a more perminant basis. Or even something like a visiting artist apartment space in the area. Just imagine if the AGH sponsored one or two international artists to live in Hamilton for a year to work?