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SuperCrawl is Coming!

So hold on to your hats because supercrawl is coming! Now in case you didn’t know Supercrawl is a free, yup free, music festival going on the weekend of the 11-14th (sept2014). The idea was to highlight music and art but on a grander scale. The organizers took artcrawl and basically added music/big bands/sponsorship etc to the mix and this resulted in a explosion of people coming to downtown Hamilton and realizing its not scary and people can do stuff here. (Live start a business,etc)

The whole list of music bands are —–

Ben Somer
Bry Webb
Canadian Winter
Charles Bradley
DJ Spinn
Dead Tired
Eight And A Half
Four Tet
Hamilton Children’s Choir
Hamilton Leithauser
Hamilton Youth Steel Orchestra
Harlan Pepper
How To Dress Well
Jeremy Fisher
Jessy Lanza
Kevin Drew
Lee Reed
Live How You Live
Lori Yates
Naomi Shelton And The Gospel Queens
Norman Foote
Oh Susanna
Sarah Neufeld
Scratcha DVA
Shout Out Out Out
TURKEY Rhubarb
Teenage Head
Terra Lightfoot
The Beaches
The Dirty Nil
The Strangers
The Sugarman 3
Thought Beneath Film
Tongue Fu


Some Highlights I feel are Jesse Lanza and Charley Bradley andalso if you can afford it A Tribe Called Red
Please check the start times as a lot of good bands are playing super early, not sure why?
CBC has a good listing of the visual portion  a highlight will be Dan Drever and the regular galleries will be open too!
And don’t forget the bars will have lots and i mean lots of good late night shows!
And here’s a treat from a hometown hero

SuperCrawl SuperCrawl

yup i’m late posting this……. today music tomorrow art!

via the spec



FRIDAY (6 p.m. to midnight)

Hamilton Community Foundation/Exclaim! Zone (Colbourne St. at James N.)
6 p.m. — Engine Empire
6:45 — Sensei
7:30 — Suuns
8:35 — Les Trois Accords
9:45 — Young Galaxy
10:55 — Wintersleep

ArcelorMittal/Y108/Dr. Disc Stage (Parking lot next to Dr. Disc, Wilson and James N.)
6:05 — Paula Perri
6:55 — ArcelorMittal Dofasco Community Announcement, featuring Circus Orange
7:20 — City and the Sea
8:20 — The Danks
9:20 — Pucumber Sasssquash Family Band
10:20 — Cowlick

SATURDAY (Noon to midnight)

Hamilton International Airport Zone (James N., between King and King William)
12:15 — Haolin Munk
1 p.m. — Burlington Slam Project
2:05 — PS I Love You
3:10 — Steve Strongman
4:20 — Eight and A Half
5:50 — Said The Whale
7:20 — Joel Plaskett Emergency
8:50 — Yo La Tengo
10:45 — Passion Pit

Hamilton Community Foundation/Exclaim! Zone (Colbourne St. at James N.)
Noon — Wtchs
12:50 — Doldrums
1:40 — The Pack AD
2:45 — Ambassadors
3:45 — Sandro Perri
4:55 — Speedy Ortiz
6:05 — Diamond Rings
7:20 — Chelsea Light Moving
8:50 — Metz
10:20 — F**ked Up

ArcelorMittal/Y108/Dr. Disc Stage (Wilson at James N.)
12:00 — Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts
1:40 — Defining Movement (dance)
2:30 — Hamilton Children’s Choir
3:15 — Abigail Richardson-Schulte
4 p.m. — Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, with Hachey the MouthPEACE
5:05 — Allegories
6:10 — Terra Lightfoot
7:15 — Ascot Royals
8:55 — Dinner Belles
10 p.m. — Illitry
11 p.m. — The Dirty Nil

Circus Orange Event Area (Wilson, just east of James N.)
8:05 — Circus Orange

Supercrawl Electronic Stage presented by Red Bull (Inside the AGH Design Annex, 118 James N.)
9 p.m. — Parking Exit (Choose Up)
10:30 — Nautiluss (Turbo, 3024)
11:30 — Ikonika (Hyperdub)
12:45 — Egyptrixx (Night Slugs)

Green For Life Waterfront Zone (Pier 8, near Williams Coffee Pub)
Noon — Weekend Riot Club
1 p.m. — TV Freaks
2 p.m. — Hammer City Roller Girls
3:30 — Zacada Circus
4:30 — Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins
5:30 — Jacob Moon
6:20 — Fry Truck
7:15 — Highnote Ramblers
8:20 — Young Rival
9:50 — LeE HARVeY OsMOND, with guests Amy Helm, Matt Andersen, Michael Timmins, Oh Susanna, Paul Reddick

For more information, visit supercrawl.ca


SuperCrawl its here!

This Friday and Saturday mark the latest supercrawl !

First some important transit information-GO service to Supercrawl-Friday, Sept. 14-6:35 p.m., depart Union Station for Hamilton GO Centre (regular service)/ 12:20 a.m. (Sat, Sept. 15), depart Hamilton GO Centre for Union Station

Sat., Sept. 15 6:20 p.m. depart Union Station/12:20 a.m. (Sunday, Sept. 16), depart Hamilton


Friday, September 14

Colbourne Street Stage (Located on Colbourne Street at James Street North)

7:00 Wax Mannequin
8:00 Young Rival
9:15 Zeus
10:30 Said the Whale

Saturday, September 15

King James Stage — Main Stage (Located on James Street North between King and King William)

12:00 Highnote Ramblers (Warchild Contest Winner)
1:00 Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra with special guest C.R. Avery
2:00 Of Gentlemen and Cowards
3:00 Hamilton Children’s Choir
4:00 Bombino
5:00 Terra Lightfoot
6:00 Rah Rah
7:00 Born Ruffians
8:15 – 8:45 STAGE CLOSED
9:00 Great Lake Swimmers
10:30 K’naan

Colbourne Street Stage Presented by Exclaim! and Sonic Unyon (Located on Colboure Street at James Street North)

12:00 Ania Z (Warchild Contest Winner)
12:30 B.A. Johnston
1:45 CA Smith
2:45 Simply Saucer
3:45 Kestrels
4:45 Rococode
5:45 Mystery Machine
6:45 Eamon McGrath
7:45 Hollerado
9:00 Change of Heart
10:15 Owen Pallett

Tivoli Stage Presented by CBC Hamilton (Located on James Street North at Vine Street)

12:00 Hamilton Suzuki School of Music
12:45 Tribe Mayafire (Dance)
1:15 Cadenas (Dance)
2:00 Dawn and Marra
2:50 Tanya Davis (Spoken Word)
3:15 Elk
4:15 Julie Fader
5:15 Tonya Kennedy
6:15 Dearly Beloved
7:15 The Gertrudes
8:15 – 8:45 STAGE CLOSED
8:45 New Hands
9:45 Sianspheric
10:45 Chore

Circus Orange Event Area (Located at the intersection James Street North and Wilson (York) Street)

8:15 – 8:45

Gore Park Busking Stage Sponsored by Warchild Canada (Located in Gore Park)

12:00 Crystalyne
12:40 Trevor James
1:20 Nixon
2:00 Brendn
2:40 Dearly Beloved
3:20 Eamon McGrath
4:00 Marcio Novelli
5:10 Ania Z
5:50 The Caretakers
6:30 Keek
7:10 Time Giant

Robert Street Busking Stage Sponsored by Warchild Canada (Located at the intersection James Street North and Robert Street)

1:00 The Caretakers
1:40 Trevor James
2:20 Rococode
3:00 Ania Z
3:40 Tonya Kennedy
4:20 Highnote Ramblers
5:00 Julie Fader
5:40 Great Lake Swimmers
6:40 Erin Passmore
7:20 Kendal Thompson
8:00 Keek
8:40 Christopher Cape
9:20 Meredith Shaw

Super Crawl Re-Cap!

Ok so first off thanks Super Crawl! Wow what a great weekend of street festivals of Lock and James St North. In case you missed it, the Super Crawl you missed a ton of free music from some legends in music and some amazing art. But instead of talking about it here are some photos……
















white elephant store front display














Not a very good photo but a amazing window display from White Elephant.

state of the art

State of the art with some amazing art.


serbian folk dancers hamilton












Some traditional Serbian Folk Dancing.

robert michael photos













Robert Michael Photography















Amazing music all day!


Keeran silkscreens at the prinstudio, pretty impressive.














Slow Hand Motem and Kid Years!













Also thanks to Jeremy and the many volutnteers who did stuff like this while we all had fun.

Printstudio’s Becky Katz


























The Brain‘s facade completely redone with yarn! And finally a great piece by David Hind




The Art Gallery of Hamilton presents its annual film series, for all those of us unlucky enough not to be in Toronto for TIFF, this is a nice alternative.

Also one of the best things this year is it matches up perfectly with SUPERCRAWL!!!!! Check out all the performances with a ton of local musicians! (Jeremy Greenspan of  Junior Boys, Canadian Winter,etc etc)

I don’t know what city they filmed this video in but it kinda reminds me of downtown Hamilton…..

Oh and a last minuter reminder Supercrawl is coming……


ok so you maybe wondering why oh why I haven’t been posting as of late well you could feel i have become lazy, bored,etc well faithful reader nothing is further from the truth. I was wanted to simply let the supercrawl event take centre stage. I am hoping tons of people show up! man so many good bands and oh yeah some art too! I hope it becomes a annual thing! Anyways here is a nice article from fecal face….


Also in case you didn’t know at supercrawl will be Marble Index


Next Month is SuperCrawl!

Oh man my hat goes off to the person organizing Supercrawl next mont, if you haven’t seen the info about or joined the facebook page. Next month’s artcrawl is gonna have part of the street shut down! Music bands like hidden cameras play! and that’s not even including the artshow’s and events at places like This Ain’t Hollywood have to offer!