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Skydragon in the Spec

Sorry for the late post about the article in the spec……..but we all know about it but also shouldn’t take the three month extension as a win by any means, they have a long way to go………… here’s the article…

Sky Dragon gets mortgage reprieve TheSpec.com – Local – Sky Dragon gets mortgage reprieve

–> Paul Morse
The Hamilton Spectator

(Apr 5, 2010)Hamilton’s downtown Sky Dragon Centre has won a three-month mortgage reprieve that the nonprofit group says is crucial to its survival.

“We are really relieved because the Teachers Credit Union has agreed to extend the deadline to July 18,” said Sky Dragon director Kevin MacKay.

“That will give us enough time to complete our building appraisal and get our refinancing deal together.”

The credit union told the downtown grassroots nonprofit sustainability co-operative in February that it would not renew a $187,000 first mortgage and $30,000 line of credit on April 18.

Sky Dragon says it is now studying several mortgage offers and debt restructuring plans. It has also launched a bond drive, and is selling co-op memberships.

People can buy a $1,000 bond as an investment, or join the co-op as a member for a minimum $30.

MacKay said the co-op will also restructure its governance structure to a multiple stakeholder model. Currently, there are only six directors.

“That will expand to 15, with elected representatives from co-op managers, staff, community membership holders, bondholders and partnership organizations.”

A key issue for the co-op is to restructure financing to drive down monthly debt servicing costs, he said.

“We think this will put us in the black, and the overwhelming consensus is that we have to be in the black to go forward.”



Skydragon Update!!

From the Save the Dragon Blog….

A little late in the posting, but the community meeting last night was an amazing success by many measures. The night led off with a joyous announcement by Mike Pattison that the Teacher’s Credit Union has granted the Sky Dragon a three-month extension on the termination of the first mortgage. (I’ll double-check that number) Note that time is still running out – the Dragon still needs to secure alternative financing – but this extension gives us the desperately needed time to make that alternative financing happen.

The event was well-attended (maybe somebody can provide a better number but I would guess 100+) and there were some excellent presentations made by members of the board and some of the staff. Afterwords, people broke into themed discussion groups to provide feedback and questions on specific topics that arose during the presentations. All kinds of other wonderful things were taking place at the same time that brought a lot of positive energy to the night (a speakers corner video camera, fresh coffee, treats, lots of feedback and portrait shots for the art crawl).

There was definitely not enough time for people to express everything on their minds despite the event running over 3 hours. Integrating community input, participation, will be an on-going process for months to come. The next big target in terms of a public event is the upcoming James Street Art Crawl (April 9th). We have graciously allowed to use the Ricca’s Furniture building (much thanks to the new owners) to setup a Save the Dragon exhibit where we hope to put on display all the community feedback and support we’ve received so far.

Also some audio recordings here…

Updates a Brain a Dragon some Salamanders and also a Bulldog

Ok so I’ve been a bit bummed out about skydragon but I did want to touch on some news of the street/area…..

The Spec has a article about the newly/finally open bar called “The Brain” on James north and whether it’ll be the new Hess Village?  Judging by the comments from Raise The Hammer’s site I really don’t think too many people are very keen on the concept. You may want to join their facebook page

Matt Jelly and By-Law crawl have a new initiate designating The Royal Connaugt a Heritage building.

Also a special movie is playing in Hamilton which I think many in its arts community should check out…..Yes Men Save Fix the World

Add to the save Skydragon list a possible save the Bulldogs hockey team? (I disagree with the bulldogs owner that the city/hamilton doesn’t support them enough or that Montreal has more bulldog fans)

Mac History still needs saving but I thought the Biz Dept was all business and super efficent just like any business???

On a positive light congrats to Hamilton’s Pakastani community for its new cfmu radio show! Sunday’s 9-10am! Click for podcasts too! CFMU Site Here

Also avoid driving on King for a couple days.

Skydragon Update


Here’s the low down

The Big Board

March 20th, 2010

Mike Pattison has setup a big whiteboard at the Sky Dragon to pull together some ideas about how the center is moving forward. Next to the board you’ll find a big stack of paper to write out your own comments, thoughts, concerns, criticisms. Here’s a snapshot of what’s on the board right now:

Immediate Financial Needs

  • 1st mortgage holder ($270,000)
  • Building appraisal ($3,000 to $3,500)
  • Year end taxes ($3,000)
  • Pro-bono / discounted help
    • legal assistance
    • accounting
  • Longer term
    • grant writers
    • center coordinator

Immediate Volunteer Needs

  • Halton Eco Fest
  • Mayday Festival
  • Eco Film Fest
  • Public relations
    • postering
    • town criers
    • phone calling
    • lead investigating
  • Eco market (artist boxes)

Immediate Public Needs

  • Sales agents for
    • coffee
    • catering
    • Mayday ad sales
    • space rentals
    • classes
  • Also required
    • T-shirt making
    • button making
    • anything craft promoted
    • computer paper
    • poster paper
    • ink cartridges

Further help is required. Any cash donations (receipts to be issued on $25 or more) will be held in an account now being established. Anybody with time to volunteer can leave their name and contact information for Mike Pattison at the cafe counter.

Additionally, people interested in helping with these specific areas please include your strengths / background when leaving your contact information:

  • Anyone interested in helping with PR
  • Kitchen / catering volunteers
  • Building / repair
  • Any other strengths or interests

All legal, accounting, investing opportunities please contact Kevin Mackay by phone (905) 777-8102 or email kevin@skydragon.org