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The Spec is all about the Arts and a Green Movie Ending

Ok so a couple articles about the arts in The Hamilton Spectator, unfortunantely nothing about the Skydragon, (Article here) the one is about Mayor Fred’s travel to Pittsburgh to emulate their success, which was partly due to the art and also leadership. (Strange cause only Brian McHattie responded to my email about the Skydragon- asking if a emergency loan could be made to Skydragon in order to save it. Also weird since Pittsburg helped the arts and Hamilton seems content on letting it linger or die instead.) Strangely Jeremy from the ICCA paid his own way, which again shows how even despite the city the arts do care about Hamilton.

The Other is about Graham Crawford’s History and Heritage posters which oddly make fun of city hall’s dereliction of duty when it come to any sense of history or heritage….. then again why would the city do something normal like I dunno discuss these plans with a community on what should be done?  Councillor Lloyd Ferguson seems to think suing people is the answer to democracy and free speech, my personal favorite line from the article is “The posters feature the tag line “Councillor Lloyd Ferguson is the plastic pink flamingo on the front lawn of heritage.”

And finally something to make you, well at least me happy, sorry to keep plugging away about the skydragon but I feel its nessary, anyways… this is a local film about environmental stuff made in Hamilton!!

Vote for it here http://www.everydayheroesfestival.com/en/films/tale-two-peters

Congrats to MacNab Street Films I hope you win!


So the new H magazine has a little tidbit about the up coming talk by Bill Strickland, here’s a little bit from the article…

“Strickland grew up in Manchester, an inner-city neighbourhood in Pittsburgh, and with the caring attention of his high school art teacher he began to turn his life around. He attended college (something he may not have done without the mentoring of his teacher) and came back to Pittsburgh to found The Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild. The Guild is an after-school arts program that has continued to grow since its’ founding. Because of his success here he was asked to lead the Bidwell Training Center in 1971. This Center worked to give vocational training to citizens of Pittsburgh who were unemployed due to the declining steel industry.”

Event Details-A Tale of Two Cities – November 30th, Hamilton Place Theatre, 7 p.m. Tickets are free, and can be picked up at Mohawk College Enterprise (MCE), 101A-175 Longwood Road South (located on the first floor at the McMaster Innovation Park).