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Sick on Shopping?

Sorry can resist the bad puns…..So I’m not a big shopper but tis the season as they say and decided to check out my good friends at Sick On Sin website. (If you’ve ever seen me wearing my I heart zombies shirt this is where I got it.) Right now they have a really cool sale of the day! I think I missed the Crafty sale but that’s ok. The other thing I really like about them is their local, trying to be as environmental as possible and generally awesome people. If you’ve ever been to Fan Expo or the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival you know what I’m talking about……. Anyways here’s one holiday suggestion….. oh and for all you twitter nerds……

Lego Cake Returns!

Ok so originally I use to have a post about a Lego Cake and it was one of the biggest hits the site ever got, so since this is kind of a site update news blog post I thought I’d mention it again! (Cake is more interesting anyways)  Enjoy the picture care of the Art of Dessert! Anyways site update news, got a couple people here to help with the posting and always looking for more. Basically the idea is one post a month from a bunch of people equals less work from me and more content to get people to know what is happening in Hamilton’s Art Scene! Also in the next while I will do artist features again, so please recommend someone! Also any millionaires who want to dump a bunch of adds on my site so I can quit my day job please feel free!

Back to Lego Cakes, I really like this next cake by Betty Crocker! It looks sooooo yummmy!!! If someone wants to make it for me please do!

Oh snap here’s the video for all you budding Martha Stewarts!

And as well my friend Mike has been updating his comic Orneryboy alot and its just getting good go check it out!!!