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CHRN Speaker Series on James North!

CHRN Speaker Series
Elysee Nouvet — “Spectacular Suffering”
Friday December 13th, 8pm
AGH Design Annex (118 James St. North).

Anthropologist Elysée Nouvet has spent the last 10 years studying social dimensions of suffering: the recognition, denial, and transformative powers of distress in various contexts. In this talk, she screens her short film Terra Sacer about pesticide-afflicted Nicaraguans struggling for compensation (co-directed with Alberto Guevara, 17 min), and discusses the potential and risks of making explicit displays of suffering central to trans-national appeals for justice.

Elysée Nouvet holds an MA in Visual Anthropology (Goldsmiths College, University of London) and a PhD in social anthropology (York University). She is currently a CIHR post-doctoral Fellow in Humanitarian Healthcare Ethics in the Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at McMaster University.


Hey McMaster History Students have a lecture series going on and Hamilton cancels polling station there.  Also council tries to save itself from its own mistakes for arts?

Oh and one more thing, its election time and I want everyone out there in Hamilton to vote! Hamilton seems to have a very inefficent government based on taxing/ bylaw enforcing working businesses and letting abandoned buildings collect tax breaks. Everyone seems to be waiting for some big saviour, whether its walmart or redhill expressway to turn things around. I think Small business/ ordinary people can do a better job!

I know some people think voting is a joke but even if it is it’s a cruel one, ever wonder why Hamilton downtown is so bad? No votes!

That is why I just wanted to say this blog/site offically supports MATT JELLY FOR WARD TWO

Why?  The main reason is he’s done more for the city in the last year then I have seen from anyone else! He was organized garbage crawls/ Bylaw crawls in a effort to clean this city and get people into action on a concrete level. He’s discovered some nasty abandoned buildings that turned out held toxic chemicals. When did anyone else do this?

Also he’s new and I am not talking about him being young, Hamilton’s councillors seem to be in a semi-perminant state of suspended animation where all there opnions and ideas are all from a by gone era. Unacceptable!

Matt is one of the few with a actual background in the arts from being a musician/artist, I think he would add a fresh prespective to the lawyers/business people on council.

Hamilton deserves politicans who don’t just look at easy answers or think of quick solutions. Matt Jelly is passionate about civic issues and not just for artists or business people but for all people in this city.

I urge you to vote and vote for Matt!

Mac Art History Saved. And Busker Protest next Friday night

Ok so spring is looking good already, McMaster Art History has been saved from the chopping block but was saved at the last minute.

“The possibility of closure had raised broader concerns about the university’s commitment to the liberal arts, and specific concerns about the program, since an art history degree is considered a prerequisite for a career in art curation.”

“When stuff reaches the senate, it’s usually a done deal. We’d been told to prepare ourselves for the worst — to go in and plead our case and then it would be closed.”

Glad its safe hopefully things are looking a little more positive……

Also next Friday is a “Busker Crawl” I guess the word protest has too many compilcations now a days……. well at least there will be some awesome outdoors music that night on James st……

Quick City News

Ok so to sum up, its the long weekend and I will update some more probably tomorrow and a reminder Art crawl is next week! August 14!

More Flood Drama….. http://www.thespec.com/article/607923 Dorothy Vranesevic after getting a busy signal for hours. “I thought I had the wrong number or they don’t want to answer.” Seriously WTF??

Oh a little good news about the flood http://www.thespec.com/News/Local/article/610811

(Seriously didn’t the environmental assessment say anything about this?) Flood vicitms (of the Redhill Expressway) can call To reach the city’s 24-hour claims hotline call 905-667-3157

Kudos to Stonemason Paul Windsor also Michelle and Greg Czekaj of GAC Masonry who have offered to help out for Mike Colic’s totaled home!

Crazyness at the Embassy ….http://www.thespec.com/News/Local/article/610813

And on a nicer note, McMaster University is getting its handicapped students ready for the new year by one of the most pressing issues facing people in this situation in helping them find out where to catch the bus for Hess Village”

Also for all you movie buffs, the AGH is going to be having a film festival in September, you may want to get some tickets!