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Matt Jelly For Mayor!

First if you can attend this meeting tomorrow please do Hamilton needs you!!!!

Ok I offically want Matt Jelly to be Hamilton’s Next Mayor and no this isn’t a joke either. If you haven’t been following his progress as of late, he’s done garbage crawl, leading the opposition to the crazy stadium out in the farm hinterland and recently discovered/exposed a bunch of toxic dumps! WTF? isn’t that the city’s job? And that’s why I think he’s perfect for the job!

Mystery Toxic Barrels down on Hess and Stuart St, the spec wasn’t even nice enough to credit him!

Sure the picture below might as Bob Bratina might say “overweight” but he’s done more for this city this year then Bob or the rest of city council has!

Matt Jelly For Mayor

Also check out the video on the bottom of this link!!!


A Message From Mr. Matt Jelly

This is a quick notice to let you know about a community cleanup event happening tomorrow morning in the Balsam neighbourhood, hosted by Parkview Secondary School. The cleanup happens tomorrow (Friday May 21st) at 10:30 am til 11:30 am, followed by a BBQ from 11:30 til 12:30. All are welcome to join the group and help beautify the neighbourhood. Hats off to Walter Bogul and the students of Parkview for taking this on- it’s always great to see citizens taking part to make the City a better place to live, work and play, and great to see educators inspiring young people to care about their neighbourhood. If you have some free time, please come down and lend a hand!

Also- on a completely unrelated note, I’ll be playing a show tomorrow night at This Ain’t Hollywood (345 James St. North) with Lee Reed and Nilla. It’s my unofficial birthday party, and I’m anticipating a great night of music. The show starts around 9 pm, and cover is 8 dollars, or 6 dollars with a canned good.

Famous Folks I know

Congrats to Matt Jelly for a awesome Garbage Crawl, he even got a mention in the local paper!

Another big note was the interview with Jane and Holly of White Elephant in Toronto Craft Alert!! Go check out the article!

Also another thing of note was a article in the spectator about a Steam Punk Couple! Its pretty awesome and although I’m not into it at all I would love to see tons of Hamilton folks into this cause somehow I think it fits!


This is a quick message to remind you about this Saturday’s second monthly By-Law Crawl event, starting at 1 PM in Gore Park, in front of the Royal Connaught. The crawl will end with an afterparty at This Ain’t Hollywood, at 345 James St. North, starting around 4 PM.

By-Law Crawl is an event designed to locate, identify and report properties which are in serious violation of the City of Hamilton’s Property Standards By-Law, in hopes of proactively preventing further decay and demolition of Hamilton’s building stock, and ensuring that buildings do not pose a danger to the public. I’ll be distributing copies of the By-Law, as well as offering some guidance to participants on what we’re looking for, and the proper way to go about spotting these infractions.

Effective By-Law enforcement is the only tool we have as citizens to ensure properties don’t fall into disrepair and require demolition, or that vacant/derelict properties don’t detract from the communities that surround them. This isn’t just an issue of heritage preservation and public safety, it’s also an issue of waste- 30% of our landfills are composed of building materials. Not every building can be saved- but if we proactively enforce certain standards, it’s far less likely that an absentee property owner can allow a building to decay to the point that demolition is the only option.

Our first By-Law Crawl event in February was a success- approximately 75 people braved cold temperatures, and as a result, complaints on 34 properties were forwarded to By-Law staff, and our organization is currently waiting for an update on this enforcement. I’ll be giving an update on this during Saturday’s Crawl. You can view an interactive google map of the properties we reported on here.

In addition to reporting on By-Law infractions, I’d also like to take this opportunity to encourage people to clean up any litter along the way- actively cleaning up the streets. We’ll also be keeping an eye open for instances of rubbish, debris, and illegal dumping, and forwarding those complaints to appropriate staff in Property Maintenance.

To be clear, this event is not designed to crack down unfairly on property owners who are doing their part- the focus of this event is on the worst offenders- properties with a legacy of not meeting minimal standards as prescribed by the Property Standards By-Law.

I invite you to participate this Saturday, and pass along this info to anyone else who may be interested in attending.

If you need any information on the crawl, please visit www.bylawcrawl.ca, or feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Matt Jelly

By Law Crawl Success

Hats off to Mr.Matt Jelly for a super successful first By-Law Crawl! Despite the frigid cold and windy conditions about fifty people SEVENTY FIVE  showed up and participated! Also CH NEWS had a brief segment on it as well!

If you do find a actual infraction, they have a handy link here..

March 6 is the next one and from the sounds of  some it will be bigger!


by law crawl
On Saturday February 6th, Hamilton will see it’s first BY-LAW CRAWL, at 1 PM beside the remains of the Century Theatre. Please be advised that the date and time of this event have been changed from the original time and date (Friday Feb 5th at 7 PM).
Many people in our community are saddened to see another heritage building destroyed- demolition crews are dismantling the 97-year-old Century Theatre as I write this. Multiple parties are to blame for this prime example of demolition by neglect- the owners for not living up to their responsibilities as a property owner, and the City for not holding the owners to those responsibilities.
The public also has a role in this; by-law enforcement is complaint-based. We need to break the cycle of willful negligence and emergency demolition in this city. The only way for us to do that is by reporting property standards by-law infractions to the city when we see them. It’s the only way we can stop the next building(s) from being torn down.
We don’t need any new by-laws passed to prevent this from happening. The city simply has to enforce the by-laws we already have as they’re written. And the public needs to ensure that enforcement happens.
We will be printing up copies of the Property Standards By-Law for distribution at the event, and we will scour the core for the worst offenders. We will forward these findings to the city’s by-law enforcement, and ensure that these complaints are processed and acted upon. I will be in contact with senior by-law staff to explore ways in which we can work together to fix this problem once and for all.
Let me be clear- I haven’t organized this event to crack down unfairly on property owners who are doing their part. There are many building owners in Hamilton who do the right thing- they maintain their buildings and keep them vibrant and active. I want to focus on the worst offenders- property owners who have shown little respect to their neighbours, by allowing buildings to fall into disrepair and become a public danger. I want to focus on by-law infractions proven to be the most detrimental to the safety and lifespan of buildings and properties. I don’t want to attack those who keep business alive in the downtown core. The point of this event is to crack down on absentee property speculators who do nothing but keep business out.
I urge you to join us on Saturday February 6th at 1 PM, beside the remains of the Century Theatre. Let’s work together to solve this long-standing problem, and prevent the wrecking ball from claiming any more of our last remaining heritage buildings.
For more information and updates, I encourage you to join the facebook fanpage HERE.
Best wishes,
Matt Jelly
By-Law Crawl

James St North Condos?



Wow in case you aren’t in the loop or in my case don’t read the spectator, James St North will be getting a bunch of condos… well  Stephanie of http://stephanievegh.ca/ has a great blog post about them. I partially agree with a her comments about the James St North scene being very new and doesn’t really have the need or capacity to with stand this gentrification. That said I think this development may spur some people to actually invest and move here/create jobs creative or otherwise. Sadly right now Hamilton doesn’t have the population density it needs to be a great city. People don’t feel safe if there is no one around except a few homeless people.

On the short lived Matt Jelly radio show Jeremy Freiburger of the ICCA once said when commenting on Starbucks on Locke St, “the more gentrification the better for Hamilton” in reference to the fact Hamilton is light years from becomming the next Queen West with Nike Stores,  H&M, etc. I agree as it roughly took Queen West about 10-15 years to get to the point where the major chains took over. Some also forget that Hamilton has a sea of derelict buildings and areas that would kill for this, think Barton and Wentworth, heck even John St North.

Hamilton is not James St North or Locke St or Westdale. Hamilton should concentrate on developing interesting development, whether they be buildings, squats, businesses,etc. Hamilton cares too much about Toronto and not Hamilton….Berlin is one of my favorite cities I have ever visited or read about, what got me interested? The squats started by artists in the 1970’s and that are still around! So hopefully it gets done and Hamilton’s artist scene survives and maybe adds some new folks.

In a related theme… Wax Manaquine has a great post about France on his facebook/myspace page, read it!Here’s a bit…

“This town has a great tradition of low culture – trashy cabarets and street performers, drug-addict artists painting dirty pictures on their patron’s dollar. But all of the opportunism and self-destruction of the past has now been idealized into untouchable high-art.”

More Art Show Info

Downtown Bike Hounds
6 Cannon St. E. T: 905.865.7249
Bike Bingo mixes art and everyone’s favou-
rite numbers game. Artists Amy Kenny and
Karen Casey display a collection of 24 bike
paintings - with a twist. Each of these 11x14
paintings is priced at $50 and laid out in a
Bingo card-style grid. Buyers who purchase
from a completed line (horizontal, vertical
or diagonal) receive gifts and discounts from
Bike Hounds.

Dundas Museum and Archives
139 Park St. West, Dundas T: 905.627.7412
mon-Ffri 10-5, sat-sun 1-4
Something Borrowed, Something Blue:
Celebrating Wedding Traditions runs from
June 19-August 31. Come out to learn the
history behind some of our time-honoured
wedding traditions. Why do we give bridal
showers? Why do we throw rice? Find out at
the Dundas Museum & Archives!

Gallery on the Bay
231 Bay St. North, T: 905.540.8532
thurs-sun 12-5
FUGUE paintings by Holly Sneath are avail-
able for public viewing from May 29-June
21. Thursday, June 25 at 7pm, attend Read-
ings on a Summer’s Eve with Lisa Moore,
Giles Blunt, Claire Holden Rothman and
Sherri Vanderveen.

Gallery on 4
Central Library, 55 York Blvd.
T: 905.546.3200 x3405 www.hpl.ca
mon-thurs 9-9/fri-sat 9-5/sun 1-5
Featured artist for June is Edd Scorpio.
Scorpio’s collection of photos chronicle his
journey from the equator to the Bruce Pen-

Hamilton Artists Inc.
161 James St. N. T: 905.529.3355
tues-fri 12-5, sat 12-4
ARTOPIA 2009 - Artists Home Show. The an-
nual fundraiser for the Inc. will be held Fri-
day, June 12. Doors open at 7pm. On the sec-
ond floor roof top of Jackson Square, inside
the old Bank of Montreal.

Hamilton HIStory+HERitage
165 James St. N. T: 905.526.1405
www.historyandheritage.ca thur-sat 11-5
Fading Light – a history of lighted signs, as
photographed by Michel Proulx continues.

Intolerant Gallery
239 King st. E. T: 905.527.1133
tues-sat 1-5
A gluten-free art space currently showing
works by Amanda Wedekind, Martin Verrall,
Gord Pullar and Adrian Jeffery.

James North Art Crawl
Up, down and all-around James North
Second Friday night of every month. 7pm.
Explore the many galleries, shops and studios
that are now calling this historic neighbour-
hood home. A coordinated effort started and
supported by the original batch of art spaces
here - the Art Crawl is quickly becoming a
can’t miss event.

James North Studio
328 James St. N.
Showcasing the works of Colleen O’Reilly-
Lafferty and Jim Chambers.

Loose Canon Gallery
150 James St. N. T: 905.515.4346
www.loosecanongallery.com wed-sat 12-6
David Irvine and his “low-brow”, high-fuelled
illustrations and paintings until July 4.

McMaster Museum of Art
1280 Main St. W. T: 905.525.9140
tue/wed/fri 11-5, Thur 11-7, Sat 12-5
Until August 29, Matt Sparling’s Crossroads
installation of large-scale composite photo-
graphs chronicles journeys through southern
Ontario’s back roads and ghost towns. Fausta
Facciponte’s exhibition entitled Reliable fea-
tures commonplace objects transformed by
time, experience and the photographic pro-

Mixed Media
154 James St. N. T: 905.529.2323
tue/wed/thurs 11-6, fri 11-7 Sat 10-5
The Pop Show features newly-minted dads
and dads-to-be: Tor Lukasik-Foss, Matt
McInnes, Dave Kuruc, Gordon Leverton,
Pasqualino Probo, Nate Johnson and Jessie

The Print Studio
173 James St. N. T: 905.524.5084
wed-fri 10-6, sat 12-6
Paradox of the Vocation links professional
artists as Community Arts Practitioners with
medical staff from the Juravinski Cancer
Centre (JCC) in a creative collaborative re-
lationship. The culmination of this project
can be seen at Juravinski Cancer Centre this

you me gallery
330 James St. N. T: 905.523.7754
www.youmegallery.ca wed-sun 12-5
Robert Yates : Group of 7 until July 4

Workers Arts & Heritage
51 Stuart St.T: 905.522.3003
www.wahc-museum.ca tues-sat 10-4
Until September, the WAHC features Brenda
McClellan with her exhibit Gone From Adver-
tised Position. The paintings are a portrayal
of the loss of Newfoundland’s rural-outpost
traditional way of life. They are a study of
turmoil, uncertainty, reality and illusion de-
picting the chaos of these changing tim