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Busy Mayday!

Wow what a day, I was so busy I didn’t even get a chance to check out the buskers on Locke St. Today in Hamilton if you didn’t know was Door’s Open, Makers Market, MayDay Fest and Garbage Crawl Part One, tomorrow is Part Two at Beasley skatepark!

Here’s some pictures I took today, enjoy.

Bands played at the MayDay stage.

They also had PlanB Organic Farms, yummy!

Also a lot of non-profits had booths under the much need tent on the off and on rain. Lots of the stalls were all about Organic Farming.

Local brewing company Nickel Brook was also there filling up the old Pepper Jack patio! The people at Nickel Brook were enjoying the love Hamilton folks give to a local brewery and how a lot of local pubs are taking Labatt out and putting them in! Good Stuff support local businesses like Nickel Brook not just because you hate labatt’s but because they make quality stuff, hire locals and also try and support local causes!

The folks filling in the patio seem to be enjoying the festive fun! Its nice to see the old Pepper Jack’s patio open again!

The ladies of local roller derby were hard at work today cleaning the city as part of Garbage Crawl its nice to see even on the weekend Hamilton folks care about their city!

Also as part of doors open I got to take a look into a local solar home, rain barrels, solar heating, solar water heating the whole nine yards!