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Quest For Fire… A Casbah Inferno

Eat Me Suck City pretty killer and only their second show!  Saturday February 27th at the Casbah. - Ydreos photo

Quest For Fire.  The headliners.  It's been a long wait to see them in the Hammer again but it was DAMN worth it.  Saturday February 27th at the Casbah. - Ydreos photo

A pretty epic night. Always good see newer Hamilton bands like The Barettas and Eat Me Suck City kill it straight out of the gate. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from these bands in the future. Also nice to see Mike Max back in the Hammer and kill the drums like he always does with Quest For Fire. Mike mentioned that Quest For Fire will be putting out some new material this summer. If I had the cash I would have sprung for their first release on vinyl at the show. DAMN!!! I already own the CD and that release is blazing. Can’t wait for the new one to drop. Glad that this project wasn’t abandoned as Mike and some members of the Quest For Fire were supporting Pink Mountaintops recently. Well if you snoozed on the show Saturday you just might have to go to Toronto next weekend or pick up their stuff on Tee Pee Records.