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More Flood Stuff and other news…

So again congrats to Hamilton Artists Inc for getting actual funding for there building and also I am sure a special thanks to those awesome local private people who allowed them to have the building till the city actually coughed up the money.  Without them this would have been another missed opportunity for Hamilton to do some good/ actually do what a city should have done all along….

Anyways, more flood news, a couple is now forced to deal with living in a tent due to the water damage! Oh but wait instead of arresting the city council who allowed the craptastic designed expressway/ environmental craphole, they go for a easy target… Keenur while I am not a fan of his work I find it a little sad that Hamilton PD has to arrest some bad tagger and not the dozens of crack dealers operating openly! oh wait those guys may actually have guns or resist arrest… my bad graphitti is better to go after because it affects property values and besides people in the east end don’t have money/don’t vote/ don’t count right??