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The George and Rick Show?

First read this http://thespec.com/article/788835 basically its about a facebook page about bringing CBC celeb’s to SuperCrawl specifically the Economic Development Department of Hamilton created the page. Ok so why are they so concerned with such trivial matters? I dunno maybe they should promote things like by-law crawl or even I dunno high densities for downtown living? or grants and loans for small businesses? On one end the city basically is targeting buskers but is also trying to take credit for the hard work by the arts/music communities. I would ask the economic development area to maybe stick some bike racks down here in the place of maybe one or two parking spots?  Or maybe have a artist grants instead of lame arts awards?? or you know economic development like encouraging people to setup co-ops or make videos of successful small businesses?

I really don’t care if these people come to supercrawl or not, I just want to see people in Hamilton actually participating in their own city! How about CHNews comes to a regular old artcrawl!!!! How about council members come down and actually see what a tiny bit of money invested in the small arts can do for Hamilton!

But most of all I want to see higher quality events and things in Hamilton, as I have said many a time forget imitating Toronto lets aim higher like a Berlin or Montreal!