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Good News for James St

Well it may not be the most offical announcement but Jeremy of ICCA announced on his Facebook that “The ICCA and owners of the Studios at Hotel Hamilton are thrilled to officialy announce a new hotspot on the James Street North stretch – our groundfloor tenants now include My Dog Joe and the Mulberry Street Diner, along with a new gallery named De Facto”

I for one am glad to hear a bit of good news in the city, this marks a nice part of  James st being empty and will be in the near future a thriving section of the street. To give you a idea, take a look at My Dog Joe’s site

Congrats to the Hotel Hamilton folks and Jeremy for doing such a good job.

Jobs! A Movie on Barton and a Artists Talk

Sorry about this late posting as I have busy with other things….

Here’s a job postingfor the imperial cotton centre for the arts


And next due to my sucky camera is only a link to the spec’s article about the movie they’re making on barton st.


And finally at the You Me Gallery —Hood,Bad,Ugly Artists Talk THURSDAY, AUG 20, 7:30 PM
jim chambers, will heikoop, hollie pocsai, gary santucci, cees van gemerden

susan clairmont’s interview with gary santucci appears in Thursdays Spec.


In case your not on Facebook, here’s a message from ICCA

Hey Everyone
I just wanted to let you know that after 5 years of gritting it out in sweltering hot studios of the Centre Court at 270 Sherman – we now officially have glorious glorious AC.

As we move into a new era of studio management at the Sherman Complex we’re pleased to say we’ll be offering increased services and studio opportunities.

If you’ve always wanted to be a part of the studio action but didn’t because of the stories of our painful summers – now is the time to hop in. We have three studios available immediately.

Call us at 905-548-0111


Times are changing?

Ok ok I know the news is crazy Facebook Privacy issues? Michael Jackson? oh man the world is a crazy place! However in terms of James st I guess the big news is the fact the old Hamilton Hotel has been bought up by a group of sorta wealthy people with a plan to redevelop it. While I applaud their desire to improve the area while attempting to make a buck, I am not sure if either will happen. They plan to invest a million dollars into fixing it up and plan on rent at around $400-700 no offence to them but I think its decieving to say they are renting to artists/creative types. I am guessing they are basically speculating on ViaRail/ GoTrain station to pop into the end of james st. Well eventually anyways. To equate this to being noble or for some sort of lofty goal is terrible, I like my captalists like Donald Trump not the Richard Branson model. (ie:unabashed) Well good for them and good for Jeremy at the ICCA hopefully some decent jobs or apartments come about because of it. Also I will be happy to see it done, also I will be very excited to see the proposed Acclamation condo/store front place done I guess check out the Skyscrapper page for scoops on that front…

Spectator image from the article linked above

Spectator image from the article linked above

p.s:some enterprising people in Hamilton are also taking about something a little closer to my heart…..

Art Hub?

Jeremy thinks so, join the fun Hamilton read the article participate!


The hamilton spec has a article about the Imperial Cotton Centre’s own Jeremy trying to booster a much needed downtown art centre, well as much as I love hockey, looks like its a dead horse and considering we were gonna spend $100 million to update Copps why not spend $20 million for a art centre/condo/ cool new centre???