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Local News-One Step Forward Two Steps Back?

So Hamilton while slowly having success such as the new Hamilton Hotel article in the spectator, it has a great slideshow. The city of kitchener seems to get it, using the local architecture to help feed not only its local architecture/ art community and also make a tourist attraction… take a look….. this city is lucky to have this art powerhouse helping out….

Also the ICCA just announced it has entered into a agreement with Burlington to help that city’s art scene, well Hamilton its starting to become a put up or shut up era because other cities are waking up to what is a huge advantage Hamilton just may loose if it keeps the usual up……

Good News for James St

Well it may not be the most offical announcement but Jeremy of ICCA announced on his Facebook that “The ICCA and owners of the Studios at Hotel Hamilton are thrilled to officialy announce a new hotspot on the James Street North stretch – our groundfloor tenants now include My Dog Joe and the Mulberry Street Diner, along with a new gallery named De Facto”

I for one am glad to hear a bit of good news in the city, this marks a nice part of  James st being empty and will be in the near future a thriving section of the street. To give you a idea, take a look at My Dog Joe’s site

Congrats to the Hotel Hamilton folks and Jeremy for doing such a good job.