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Lesser Infinities an ArtCrawl Preview Show

Art Crawl is this Friday (Mar8/13) but for a preview of Lesser Infinities by Kearon Roy Taylor at Mulberry Cafe     come down on Mar7/13

Inifinite Lesser


Hailing originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Kearon Roy Taylor is a printmaker, sculptor, and new media artist who has been heavily involved in the Hamilton arts community since his time at McMaster University. Recently nominated for an Emerging Artist Award in visual arts by the Art Gallery of Hamilton at the Hamilton Arts Awards (2012), he has also received the Nikolic Print Scholarship at Centre 3 (2011), and the McMaster Museum of Art Museum Award for his undergraduate thesis work.

Roy Taylor is a founding member of the Hamilton Audio/Visual Node (HAVN), an emerging new- media focussed collective space. He also sits on the Board of Directors at Hamilton Artists Inc., the Hamilton Arts Council Visual Arts Committee, and performs with both the Cybernetic Orchestra and Extramuros livecoding ensembles. He loves his cat very much, and sometimes DJs.