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Tivoli Condos Bad for James St?

condos via hamilton spectator vs 

Above is a  little bit of a design comparison with recent developments in Mississauga.

So the Hamilton Spectator has a good article on the proposed Tivoli Condos. The Article touches on a lot of important pieces, from design, functionality,etc. the biggest part of the project I am strongly objecting to is this..

“He added the developers haven’t presented a business plan for the restoration of the theatre as requested by staff. “

Seriously? You buy a piece of property from Sam the Record Man for $2? (It was part of the family’s last basically donation from their dad. ) I would have preferred that Sam’s kids kept the land, (they probably would have had built the theater back up and pulled a mini Ed Mervish). This whole property was meant to reconstruct the Tivoli! You know increase theatre arts????

Oh not to mention no retail?? No mention of bicycle infrastructure? Like the staff report from city hall, the developers did not consult anyone locally. A shame.

I also think the design is not very inspiring for a “arts district”, even  Mississauga has been trying to get some more interesting designs into the mix.  Personally I am a huge advocate for density and higher buildings in downtown, I think the people should have asked the building next to them for some air rights? You know like maybe 10 -13 stories but same amount of units?

My finaly problem is the fact these are condos, when even Toronto is converting condos into rental units. Most people in Hamilton would love to live on James St. the developer could make long term money and not just a one time thing! Not to mention the need for Handicap accessible living for people who need it the most? Or even subsidized rent for veterans?

As a side note I really think city hall has to start to develop a detailed long term plan of what they want or don’t want to see in Hamilton, everything small to big. Because as the cliche goes, the devil is in the details!