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James St in the News!

So yesterday I woke up to read the spectator and what do I find, well besides the poorly edited/written article about hyping Hamilton. (Unlike my volunteer efforts I don’t have editors or money or time like they do.)

Despite what the spectator says, artcrawl is still on James St North, they listed it at number 7 so thanks! Personally I think it rates at least number 5.  Why? well its gotten people from ancaster/burlington/the mountain/westdale to reconsider downtown!  The Bill Curran story in the same issue discusses how he and some partners purchased the building beside the old Tivoli, my guess is they did it because the people who bought the old Hamilton Hotel  became the amazing Mulberry Cafe/art studios. And none of this would have been possible without the amazing portuguese/italian community that refused to abandon the area!