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Local News-One Step Forward Two Steps Back?

So Hamilton while slowly having success such as the new Hamilton Hotel article in the spectator, it has a great slideshow. The city of kitchener seems to get it, using the local architecture to help feed not only its local architecture/ art community and also make a tourist attraction… take a look….. this city is lucky to have this art powerhouse helping out….

Also the ICCA just announced it has entered into a agreement with Burlington to help that city’s art scene, well Hamilton its starting to become a put up or shut up era because other cities are waking up to what is a huge advantage Hamilton just may loose if it keeps the usual up……

Times are changing?

Ok ok I know the news is crazy Facebook Privacy issues? Michael Jackson? oh man the world is a crazy place! However in terms of James st I guess the big news is the fact the old Hamilton Hotel has been bought up by a group of sorta wealthy people with a plan to redevelop it. While I applaud their desire to improve the area while attempting to make a buck, I am not sure if either will happen. They plan to invest a million dollars into fixing it up and plan on rent at around $400-700 no offence to them but I think its decieving to say they are renting to artists/creative types. I am guessing they are basically speculating on ViaRail/ GoTrain station to pop into the end of james st. Well eventually anyways. To equate this to being noble or for some sort of lofty goal is terrible, I like my captalists like Donald Trump not the Richard Branson model. (ie:unabashed) Well good for them and good for Jeremy at the ICCA hopefully some decent jobs or apartments come about because of it. Also I will be happy to see it done, also I will be very excited to see the proposed Acclamation condo/store front place done I guess check out the Skyscrapper page for scoops on that front…

Spectator image from the article linked above

Spectator image from the article linked above

p.s:some enterprising people in Hamilton are also taking about something a little closer to my heart…..