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Art Crawl Makes Contra!

Sorry I don’t have more on last artcrawl, I was mainly watching the skateboard art show but safe to safe it was massive, to give you a idea we basically trippled the normal hits we get on the site anyways….

A really nice magazine/blog I like checking out is Contra its got that really nice look and all the cool photo essays I love, well this week they have two posts about shows from last month!

First a really nice photo essay about Leon Robinson’s HipHop Homage Exhibition! (video below)

And also a nice mention of Luis Mora’s Skateboard colaboration with Flatspot Skateboards!

Also as a little bonus I thought I’d post this old video just because it has a bunch of local scences in it!



On Saturday FLAT SPOT skateshop will premiere their latest team video MEMORIES OF TOMORROW at CHE Burrito & Lounge. Bshanz and Flat Spot team have put their blood, sweat and tears putting this together. Check it out and cough up $2 to support Hamilton’s skate scene and efforts to upgrade Beasley Park.

Memories of Tomorrow
featuring the Flat Spot Skateboard Team
Video Premiere at CHE Burrito & Lounge
Saturday April 17, 2010
$2 Entry Fee (proceeds to go to upgrades at Hamilton’s Beasley Skatepark)
All-ages screening @ 6:30pm
19+ screening @ 10pm