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Etsy Dreaming

Many thanks to the ladies of White Elephant, who I have stolen this link idea off of! (also check out the article the spec has about white elephant http://thespec.com/go/style/article/653724 )

Its a New York Times piece about Etsy people who have quit their day jobs and doing what they love! Make things!


Also some great stories related to this over here….. http://www.etsy.com/storque/search/tags/quit-your-day-job/

Etsy Pick of the Day

Super cool retro clocks are my recent fancy, unsure why but enjoy these jems!

Blessing Pedelstal Ball clock

Now I really like the next clock too but something upsets me with the fact that american’s are throughing away Canada’s industrial design heritage! (joking)

Another Clock

Check out the back image for what I am talking about….