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Art Crawl Makes Contra!

Sorry I don’t have more on last artcrawl, I was mainly watching the skateboard art show but safe to safe it was massive, to give you a idea we basically trippled the normal hits we get on the site anyways….

A really nice magazine/blog I like checking out is Contra its got that really nice look and all the cool photo essays I love, well this week they have two posts about shows from last month!

First a really nice photo essay about Leon Robinson’s HipHop Homage Exhibition! (video below)

And also a nice mention of Luis Mora’s Skateboard colaboration with Flatspot Skateboards!

Also as a little bonus I thought I’d post this old video just because it has a bunch of local scences in it!


Lee Reed on CBC! Also Hamilton Grows!

Congrats to Lee Reed for getting some love from CBC with their track of the day!


Wow Hamilton’s growing Hip-Hop scene is finally getting some recognition outside of the city, from Crown of Thornz to Lee to Nilla its nice to see some positive stuff growing!

Speaking of growing Hamilton’s all about Gardens lately! Read it on Catch! haha sorry couldn’t resist….