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Creative What? Catalyst Where?

Ok so the local paper has a article regarding some recent mentions of the Creative Catalyst Project and also here is a article in Hmag with a break down of the creative catalyst project

Here is the actual Hamilton city plan for a creative catalyst project and here is the city’s site for Creative Catalyst Project and last but certainly not least the actual final report…….

The debate as it stands now is the HCCP (or Hamilton Creative Catalyst Project) a worthy endevor to drawn in new industries/businesses and creative folks to the city. The idea is to build a buidling (or use a old one) which will create cross over oportunities to develop talent, jobs and projects. Much like a liberty village or many other similair places in Toronto work. The report interestingly enough points not to the standard “art” scene of James North,et al but more towards the music scene and the film industry as the big potential money makers/ talent draw for this endevor.

Some selected quotes from the final report “However, the City needs to have a vision of itself as a creative city and put the necessary supports in place to build on its success. A Creative Catalyst is one such support.”

“at least 75% .. of businesses will be paying market rate” (edited down).

It is my opinon that this project is placing the cultural industry on the Hamilton City Map, ie:new stadium this year, next year the HCCP. also this is future planing in consort with the new light rail and Pan Am Games. The city has to do this, why if it doesn’t sadly the “arts industry” will be a ram shackle of various venues and this will allow a single focus for outsiders to understand. In Toronto I can say Liberty Village and everyone knows its Toronto’s mini-silicon valley for better or worse. By having a “draw” like this it will increase Hamilton’s chances to grow physically downtown and creative wise. Much like my past statements on the SkyDragon/ Save SkyDragon, I may not entirely agree with their politics or ideas but I strongly recognize its importance in drawing people downtown, giving another voice to the downtown and creating jobs. Hamilton is too close to Toronto physically and it needs ways of retaining talent and also attracting it.

Bottom line, I support this project because it will help the creative art/industries and while it may not be perfect or to my exact ideal of what Hamilton should do it is a project that can be achieved and considering how much we give to Defasco or the Ticats, this is a no brainer project.

Hamilton Creative Change

Well NFB has done a short little photo essay on our own Dave of Mixed Media discussing his vision of Hamilton and also the potential about where its headed.

Also if you goto the site you may want to check out this video its really good, http://gdp.nfb.ca/photo-essay/461/my-so-called-plans