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SoBi Bike Share and a need for Artistic Infrastructure

Ok this is not really art related but I must say this winter chill has got me thinking about Hamilton’s upcoming bike share progam  not to mention this article in the NY Times . I’ve been seeing the stations being placed all around town but no good signage or painted areas or demarcations for the stand areas. Sadly there doesn’t seem to be a lot of consideration for how the areas look. They look bland, not even a map board so far in most stations. Now I would suggest some actual signage or something interesting like a little flag saying bike share. I think city planners have to start considering the aesthetics of our future infrastructure, who wants to ride a bike share program that looks and feels straight out of North Korea? (ie:your ad here) I really like the idea of a bike share program but so far it looks like the look and feel will be a bit boring. Hopefully we can get some interesting signage or bike shelters??