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Busker Crawl Recap

Someone made a awesome video and posted it on youtube! Also thanks to everyone who showed up and played or just came for the fun! Who knows maybe it will be a annual event?

Oh and also since busker crawl was all about how Hamilton City Police are misdirecting their efforts to non-crimes like busking, I thought I’d include a video about how toronto is using graphitti to help beautify the city!

Oh and also Roadsworth was there!

Its funny, how unlike Toronto the Hamilton Cops or at least the top guys don’t understand a thing called public relations and community building. (ie:if your going to arrest someone for busking them and others will beĀ  less likely to become a witness for a major crime)

Mac Art History Saved. And Busker Protest next Friday night

Ok so spring is looking good already, McMaster Art History has been saved from the chopping block but was saved at the last minute.

“The possibility of closure had raised broader concerns about the university’s commitment to the liberal arts, and specific concerns about the program, since an art history degree is considered a prerequisite for a career in art curation.”

“When stuff reaches the senate, it’s usually a done deal. We’d been told to prepare ourselves for the worst — to go in and plead our case and then it would be closed.”

Glad its safe hopefully things are looking a little more positive……

Also next Friday is a “Busker Crawl” I guess the word protest has too many compilcations now a days……. well at least there will be some awesome outdoors music that night on James st……