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Supercrawl Art portion

Another Big year for art at supercrawl, please go here for a full listing http://www.supercrawl.ca/supercrawl/art/

Adad Hannah, Alson Thompson, Andrew Owen,

A01,Beehive Craft Collective Brandon Vickerd,
Bryce Huffman, C.R Avery, En Masse,                                                                                                                                                                         John Haney & Carey Jernigan, Mark Prier,                                                                                                                                                                 Matt Walker,Mitch Robinson, Nathan Cyprys,                                                                                                                                                            Svava Thordis Juliusson, Tanya Davis


This not to mention other shows at the same time! And because Im technically on vacation this week, take a look at mixed media’s full list http://blog.mixedmediahamilton.com/wp/

(and i’ve reposted it below for all you lazy people)

1. You Me Gallery, 330 James St. N. 905.523.7754 • www.youmegallery.ca
WHIRLIGIGs 2012 – lots of moving art. See the video from last year’s show.

2. James North Studio, 328 James St. N. www.jamesnorthartcollective.com
See new work by the James North Art Collective’s members in the Kitchen Gallery and downstairs in the Photography Gallery. Reg. Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 12 noon – 5 pm & Sunday 12 noon – 4 pm

3. This Ain’t Hollywood 345 James St. N. Live music venue • www.thisainthollywood.ca

4. Dave Gruggen Photography 326 James St. N. 905.522.1031 • www.gruggenphotography.com

5. Artword Artbar 15 Colbourne St. Multi-purpose venue & gallery • www.artword.net/artbar
In the Gallery for the month of September: new paintings by Linda Joyce Ott. Dancing Around the Void, new paintings and mixed media works. In these intriguing works, Linda explores those moments of luminosity that hover between life and death, being and non-being, meaning and ambiguity.

6. Christ’s Church Cathedral 252 James St. N. 905.527.1316
The vendors of the Makers’ Market make good use of the front courtyard showcasing and selling locally handmade goods and fabulous vintage finds.

New Harbours Music Series returns, featuring two artists who are carving out their own weird worlds, between mind bending psych and infectious pop. Not to be missed !!!







9pm – Pay what you can (all donations go to the artists)

7. The Factory Media Centre 228 James St. N. 905.577.9191 • www.hamiltonmediaarts.org
CITY VOICES is an interactive media installation taking place during SUPERCRAWL (Sept 14-15) @ Factory Media Centre. Presented by Culture for Kids in the Arts: Artasia, Factory Media Centre and Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, this event features emerging media artists: Aaron Hutchinson, Amy McIntosh, & Andrew O’Connor. The Artasia 2010-2011 project explored children’s voices on neighbourhood transformation. Building on these voices and visions, CITY VOICES is an artistic investigation of this theme of city building through listening. In this dynamic installation, creative collaborators Aaron Hutchinson, Amy McIntosh and Andrew O’Connor create a public portrait of urban transformation through sound, video, interactivity and interviews of a city in flux.

8. b contemporary 226 James St. N. 289.389.3949 • www.bcontemporary.ca
Judy Singer – The Light Within to Sept. 29.

9. Hammer City Records 226 James St. N. (basement) Hardcore, Punk, Metal, Vinyl, Tapes, CDs • www.schizophrenicrex.com
STEELTOWN SKETCHES – This group show features slices of life in Steeltown – people watching, punk shows, bar life, street scenes, secret spots, good times, even hard times – in Hamilton. What’s unique and fun to us in the Hammer might be taken as ‘sketchy’ to those not in the know. As the saying goes – You Can Do Anything In Hamilton and most in our scene get up to that and then some. STEELTOWN SKETCHES features work from: Kate Munn, Pat Bellamy, Darlene McNeil, Dave O’Connor, Corpusse, Kristine Wales, Spooky Astronauts, Chelsea Watt, Mr K & other awesome artists TBC.

10. Grey Room Studio 195 James St. North (upstairs) • www.thegreyroom.ca
In light of the recent food donation shortages experienced by our local food banks, The Grey Room Design Studio would like to host a FOOD DRIVE during SUPER CRAWL on the 14th & 15th of September. We will be showing art by 5 local artists along with accepting food & monetary donations for Hamilton Food Share. In an attempt to give back to the community, which we so love, we are excited to host this much needed food drive. We want to help you, help them, help Hamilton! For every non-perishable item donated, you will receive a ballot that can be entered for a chance to win lots of lovely prizes. ALL proceeds are going to Hamilton Food Share. Featured artists: Adriane Duckworth, Hamilton Holmes, Lizzie Gosse, John Steinberg & Melissa Mostacci.

11. Blue Angel Gallery 243 James St. N. 905.522.8735

12. The Brain 199 James St. N. 289.396.8508

13. Studios at Hotel Hamilton 195 James St. N.
Check out the art of Helga Morrison, Julia Veenstra, Lisa Pijuan-Nomura or see what’s new in the Boardroom space.

14. The Clay Studio 175 James St. N. Featuring the work of Grazyna Ziolkowski

15. De Facto at Mulberry – DFM 193 James St. N. 905.963.1365 • Facebook Page
The Aluminum Quilting Society returns with a new show of work: Carnival Commanders.

16. Studios at Vasco da Gama 175 James St. N. 3rd Flr.
Featuring the studios of Victoria Pearce • Deborah Pearce • Jessica Roth

17. Centre3 for Print and Media Arts 173 James St. N. 905.524.5084 • www.theprintstudio.ca
The formerly named Print Studio features LOUISE NOGUCHI, JUNE PAK – somewhere between (curated by Sally Frater) September 7 – October 20, 2012. somewhere between is an exhibition of works by June Pak and Louise Noguchi. Featuring collaborative and solo works in video and text, the exhibition is an exploration of the liminal space that exists between the filmic realm and the real.

18. Hamilton HIStory + HERitage 165 James St. N. 905.526.1405 • www.historyandheritage.ca
The Grand Durand – Hamilton’s Mansions to Dec. 14. South Durand is home to one of the best and most architecturally diverse collections of pre-war residential architecture in Canada. Constructed from the 1850’s to the 1930’s, a time when the revival styles of architecture where in fashion and Hamilton’s economy was booming, the owners and architects who built here had the freedom to express themselves through architecture. Owners could choose a style that best expressed their heritage or financial status and they had the means to build on an ambitious scale with quality materials and talented craftsmen. This resulted in homes that are excellent examples of an amazing array of architectural styles; Gothic Revival, Tudor Revival, Classical Revival and many that combine multiple architectural styles or experiment with new ones in a spirit of innovation and one up-man-ship that one still feels walking in the neighbourhood today.

19. Hamilton Artists Inc. 155 James St. N. 905.529.3355 • www.theinc.ca
Steven Laurie Jacked! Sept 6 – Oct 28, 2012. Steven Laurie’s exhibition Jacked! examines the unfolding aspects of normative masculinity through visual references to blue-collar trades, pastime activity, consumerism, and horseplay. The artist employs traditions of performance art, kinetic sculpture and mark-making to consider how actions/processes such as burning rubber, engine revving, and stereo thumping can be seen as communicating a sense of subcultural kinship and territoriality. In the performance Burnout, the act of burning rubber is reinvented as artistic gesture and imprint on James St North.


20. Needlework 174 James St. N. 905.667.5663 • www.iloveneedlework.com

21. Books & Beats 167 James St. N. 905.525.9697 • Books, music & art
Alisa Burton and her Clone Hardware will be on hand to showcase their upcycled wares.

22. Relish 6 Cannon St. E. • www.relishvintage.ca

23. Mixed Media 154 James St. N. 905.529.2323 • www.mixedmediahamilton.com
New works by Paul Elia, Blind Pig Press and the Group of Seven Billion.

24. Chaises Musicales 152 James St. N. Movie rentals & Sales • Vintage furniture and art

25. Studio 12 Loft 126 James St. N. 2rd Floor Photographic artists’ collective • www.studio12.ca
Studio 12 is a photographic artists’ collective founded in 2009. New exhibit: Ivor Wynne Panorama and Studio 12 Recent Work. This month Studio 12 is presenting some recent work of its members. One of the highlights is a large 7′ by 32′ circular walk-in panorama print of an 1,840 megapixel image taken at midfield at Ivor Wynne Stadium. The stadium, built in 1928, is scheduled to be torn down to make way for a new stadium.

26. Melanie Gillis Photography 126 James St. N. 3rd Floor 905.297.1196 • www.melaniegillis.com

27. Sylvia Nickerson Gallery 126 James St. N. 3rd Floor 905.730.3288 • www.sylvianickerson.ca

28. White Elephant 133 James St. N. 905-667-0325 • www.whiteelephantshop.ca

29. Sonic Unyon Building 22 Wilson St.
Featuring Hamilton Arts Council • Lori LeMare • Silver Studio • Hidden Pony Vintage • Mint Textile Studio

30. Focus Gallery, 66 James St. N. 905.218.9557 • www.thefocusgallery.ca
New exhibition: Kawong Chung-Shipman. Working on large format conte charcoal drawings from her home and studio in Hamilton, Ontario, Chung-Shipman focuses on ideas that perceive the human body at its most vital
and dynamic expressions of physical energy and emotional interchange. The formal art education she received from McMaster University and University of Toronto continues to influence her in the use of visual language. Observation of German Expressionists work and renderings in dry point and etchings are evident in Chung-Shipman’s own images. She places great emphasis on rich shadows and velvety tonal surfaces juxtapose with sensitivity of lines. The complex connection that balances the human anatomy with that of inner psychological content is carefully collected. Her landscapes likewise reflect moments of charged tension when all of nature’s elements are mobilized.

31. Homegrown Hamilton, 27 King William St. 905.777.8102 • www.homegrownhamilton.com
Homegrown Supercrawl Vinyl Challenge w/ Redananda EP release party.

32. Eclectric Audio – 150 James St. North • Facebook Page

33. Battle of the Brushes inside Club Absinthe, 38 King William St. • www.jamesnorthbattle.com
The new Club Absinthe is the host venue of Battle of the Brushes. Come out and cheer on your favourite team as they battle it out to become Champion of Battle of the Brushes!

34. Urban Arts Initiative, 126 James St. North • Facebook Page

35. Humblepie, 142 James St. N. • www.humblepielifestyle.com

36. Blackbird Studios, 161 James St. N. • Facebook Page

37. Central Library, 55 York Blvd. • www.hpl.ca
Svava Thordis Juliusson continues to September 30.

38. Hansen & Lubbers, 144 James St. N. 905.308.7777 • www.hansenlubbers.com

39. Mint Textile Studio, 22 Wilson St.
A group of Sheridan College textile and fashion graduates have taken over the space formerly occupied by Jenna Rose. Climb the stairs and have a look!

40. HAVN (Hamilton Audio Visual Node), 26 Barton St. E. • havnode.com
Music and work from artists based in Toronto and Hamilton, spanning two Supercrawlin’ good days

Friday night performances by:

Huren (DJ set) (death disko)
Eschaton (improvised live effected sax)
Haolin Munk (funky a$$ grooves)
Don Raw Lea/Choir Slut Noon (noise duo)
Echinacea (blip hop)
+ more !

Featuring installation Works by:

Connor Bennett
Kearon Roy Taylor
Tyler Tekatch
Connor Crawford
Connor Olthuis

With spoken word and soundscapes sporadically on Saturday by:

Tano Posteraro
Aaron Joo
Connor Bennet
& More!

Come check us out for a spacey/noisy/dancey good time


terraInterested in Art? sick of paying ridiculous prices? Huh? Huh? all kidding aside, this Thursday May4/2011 marks the Art Gallery of Hamilton’s Spring Sale! so everything from these cool hangbags, to art by local artists are for sale. Thursday is Terra Lightfoot in the Joey and Toby Tanenbaum. On the Friday night is Devon Craig from Frathouse doing a vinyl only dj set!


Also a nice little video by Terra Lightfoot if you’ve never heard her before



Vinyl LPs and 7” singles have escaped the turntable only to land on the walls of Hammer City Records. Talented artists and designers, friends of the shop and Schizophrenic Records, from Hamilton and beyond, have committed their unique artwork on wax to make this a great night of music and art. Expect to see waxworks from:

Stef Bell,Scott Bentz,Chany,The Chew,Jamieson Kilmister,Kate Munn Kruitof,Adam Invader,Adam Swinbourne,Chelsea Watt
Marie Wilson & others from Hamilton and beyond!

Hammer City Records
228 James Street North (Rear Unit, First Floor)
Hamilton, ON

Friendship Shop-Art on The Fly!

118 James St. North
(next to the Tivoli)

Admission: Pay-What-You-Can

Spread some Christmas cheer and join us at the James St. North Art Crawl for a gala fundraising event. DJ Realistic will be spinning music and there will be plenty of arts and crafts alongside a cash bar.

Plus see two visual artists square off in a boxing ring in a battle of wits and creativity and have an opportunity to score the winning creation!

This is a one-time event taking place in the heart of James Street North during the hottest night of the month for Hamilton artists!

(cont’d this month)

Hamilton Modernist Residential Architecture 1950-1975 a series of photos displaying some Hamiltonian examples from this era.


you me gallery’s xmas collection including lamothe,gugler,loney,kozowyk,ibing,kelly,van gemerden,davis,davis,paxton,inglis,mansaram,mayrhofer,yates, jackson,carley,seepaul,sovereign,ziolkowski,

SKYDRAGON – Jennifer Emily

No description given.

ART WORD ART BAR -Roger Ferreira and Kareem Ferreira

Roger Ferreira, paintings of Hamilton, and Kareem Ferreira, paintings and sculpture of steel-drum players. Kareem Ferreira is a 4th year student at McMaster in the Fine Art Department. He was born and grew up in Canada but his explorations and subject matter have usually come from the Caribbean, while his father Roger, who grew up in Trinidad, has been exploring Hamilton

Stephanie Vegh-Open Studio

Drawings from my solo show at the Leeds College of Art in October are safely back in Canada, this seemed like a good time to let everyone have a look before they head off to Kitchener next month for my next exhibition at the Rotunda Gallery.

2nd Floor 126 James St North

THE FACTORY – 5th Annual Member Screenings

Independent Shorts 7pm, Feature-Skinning the Cat 8pm Feature-Let Him Be 9:30pm

HAMILTON ARTISTS INC-SWARM:  The Annual Members Exhibition 2010

Swarm implies the combined industrious strength of many persons or things; as a verb, to swarm is to move towards – to approach, though not necessarily resolve – a common purpose as a group that is constantly in motion rather than standing still.

MULBERRY CAFE – Bryce Huffman and Lester Coloma

Paintings from Bryce Huffman and Lester Coloma

THE PRINTSTUDIO – Annual Members Show

Various Works from members of the printstudio, pickup a gift just in time for the Holidays!

170 James St North

THE CLAY STUDIO- 175 James St N.

MELAINE GILLIS STUDIO -126 James St N. (above the Factory 3rd Floor)

SYLVIA NICKERSON ILLUSTRATION-126 James St N. (above the Factory 3rd Floor)


Between the Mulberry Cafe and the Brain

WACH- tba