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FYI JOBS-Nuit Blanche Curator for the Parkdale Village Business Improvement Area

This is via Akimbo

Nuit Blanche Curator for the Parkdale Village Business Improvement Area (PVBIA)

Parkdale Village is a vibrant commercial strip on Queen Street West from Dufferin Street to Roncesvalles Avenue. It is a multicultural destination with unique restaurants that represent this diverse community. Parkdale Village is an avid participant in the annual arts and culture festival Nuit Blanche and 2011 will be the fifth year of the community’s involvement in Nuit Blanche.

Job Description:
Under the supervision of the Director of the Parkdale Village BIA and the BIA Board, the Curator is responsible for the production of the Parkdale Village BIA’s 5th annual involvement in the city-wide arts and culture celebration, Nuit Blanche. The incumbent creates a theme or vision that is reflective of the Parkdale community. The incumbent also coordinates local and greater Toronto artists, handling program inquires, developing and maintaining excellent relations with businesses, managing reports and communicating with the Parkdale Village BIA Board of Management as applicable. The successful candidate will be very knowledgeable about the arts community and also possess related business experience and training. The candidate will be responsible developing interactions with stakeholders in the arts sector, including volunteers and partner organizations. This is a contract position. Salary is to be determined.

Education: College Diploma and/or University Degree (in a related field) or equivalent combination of education and experience.
Experience: At least 3-5 years related experience in arts operations preferred. Knowledge of the Parkdale Community is an asset.

Other Skill Requirements:
• Knowledge of the arts community including arts organizations, funders and institutions
• Excellent interpersonal and communications skills
• A team player with solid organizational and time management capacities
• Works independently
• Task and details oriented
• Outstanding writing capabilities
• Understanding of and experience in the non-profit sector
• Proven ability to work with established and emerging artists

DEADLINE: Dec 10th 2010

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More News/Politics but then some art related stuff!

Ok so not only has Matt Jelly (and hopefully future mayor) discovered toxic waste apparently he was not satisfied with doing politicans jobs, now he’s even a crime fighter!!!! Check out his video here....Unlike Hamilton city hall, the province has wisely agreed with Matt’s opinons and stopped him from running for premier by also saying that the stadium should be in the westend! The Future Fund seems to agree with Matt…..

Mean while in Burlington folks also againist the PanAm Carnage which plans to destroy a whole forest!!!! Strangley they don’t like all artifical grass replacing the natural environment? How strange? Wierd it seems all these artist types actually give a crap about their communities! Lindsay Holton to Matt Jelly! No wonder the arts are starved for funding you might actually get a decent society if they had decent resources!

Akimbo has a great post about David Mach, who btw has a piece at McMaster Art Gallery!

Awesome right but then again no POSTER MADE FROM BLOOD!!!!!!!

Also check out the original post that Printeresting pointed to here at Metastazes!

Click on the image to see its full Black Metal Evilness full force!

Also from another post this cool tattoo!