Supercrawl Art Attack!!!

A Basic guide to checking out the art part of Supercrawl!!!


Start off at Nathaniel Hughson Gallery  (john and king william)  Art of Christina Sealey

then head done king william to Homegrown Cafe   (also hosting afterparty for supercrawl) and then go down James St North hit the galleries on Focus Gallery John Visser Paintings

AGH Design Annex and right beside that is Sylvia Nickerson’s Studio upstairs, across the street is the always amazing ladies of White Elephant. And from there you have the corner of james and cannon with four lovely shops of Mixed Media, Chaisse Musicals, Knit Shop and O’s Clothes

Across the street on the opposite side is Hamilton Artists Inc with Pack Moves a great show with projections, paintings and mixed media, Next is Centre 3 with the show Interactive with Annie Briard,Donna Szoke,Ricarda McDonald.

Next is Mulberry Cafe with Outside the Lines group show.  At B Contemporary is Ruben Zellermayer with some delicious art!  And below them is Hammer City Records with a group show of sketches! Beside them is The Factory with Geodesics Artshow

Next is Artword Artbar for some live music and art

Make a right on Barton for Manta Gallery with Transmission Art show, then Havn with the Pathfinding show

Now swing back to James North to James North Studio for art from this brilliant group of artists. Next is YouMe Gallery with a show worth seeing called Our Place. And finally the bar/gallery This Ain’t Hollywood  also hosting a supercrawl afterparty

Im not going to even put up the information about other random events, galleries studios etc. Just Enjoy the chaos and energy of a street shut down for a celebration of the creative arts!