St.Catherines Art Show

To all those Hamiltonians you may want to check out

Tobey C. Anderson & Alan Flint
June 26 – July 19th
Opening Reception:  Friday, June 26th, 8 pm
New work.  Santiago de Cuba.  Print media.  Photos.  Video.

Alan Flint and Tobey C. Anderson return from residencies in Santiago de Cuba reflecting on the notion of syncretism in their cross-cultural exchange.  Choosing not to live in a typical tourist fashion while in Cuba, Flint and Anderson experienced life from a vantage point of being with the people and new found friends in the artistic community of Taller Cultural, a multi-disciplinary workshop of printmakers, painters, sculptors, and ceramic artists.  Their interest in syncretism stems from an introduction to the unique religious belief of Santeria and how it has influenced a unique and original surrealist approach to art and culture.

Gallery Hours: when the sandwich board is out and by appointment


24 James Street – 2nd Floor
downtown St. Catharines – The Garden City of Niagara
between Christopher’s Magazines & Smoke Shop and The Office Tap & Grill
Ontario, Canada

Contact: Tobey C. Anderson
Mobile: 905.380.3910