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The Big Board

March 20th, 2010

Mike Pattison has setup a big whiteboard at the Sky Dragon to pull together some ideas about how the center is moving forward. Next to the board you’ll find a big stack of paper to write out your own comments, thoughts, concerns, criticisms. Here’s a snapshot of what’s on the board right now:

Immediate Financial Needs

  • 1st mortgage holder ($270,000)
  • Building appraisal ($3,000 to $3,500)
  • Year end taxes ($3,000)
  • Pro-bono / discounted help
    • legal assistance
    • accounting
  • Longer term
    • grant writers
    • center coordinator

Immediate Volunteer Needs

  • Halton Eco Fest
  • Mayday Festival
  • Eco Film Fest
  • Public relations
    • postering
    • town criers
    • phone calling
    • lead investigating
  • Eco market (artist boxes)

Immediate Public Needs

  • Sales agents for
    • coffee
    • catering
    • Mayday ad sales
    • space rentals
    • classes
  • Also required
    • T-shirt making
    • button making
    • anything craft promoted
    • computer paper
    • poster paper
    • ink cartridges

Further help is required. Any cash donations (receipts to be issued on $25 or more) will be held in an account now being established. Anybody with time to volunteer can leave their name and contact information for Mike Pattison at the cafe counter.

Additionally, people interested in helping with these specific areas please include your strengths / background when leaving your contact information:

  • Anyone interested in helping with PR
  • Kitchen / catering volunteers
  • Building / repair
  • Any other strengths or interests

All legal, accounting, investing opportunities please contact Kevin Mackay by phone (905) 777-8102 or email

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