One of the things I love about Hamilton is despite all its negatives a lot of people are super optimistic, from the recent article in Grid to the new art collective on Barton Havn (sorry been too lazy to update my links/map) and of course one of my favorite blogs is Beaux Mondes.    Recently I was checking it out to see this post about Optimism,(i know its old) it kinda inspired me a bit and bummed me out. Basically i guess some people where talking negatively about them, not sure why. But Hamilton seems to have a hate on for stylish stuff/go getters. Now I am not perfect either but lets face it most people here could easily move to Toronto and i think even if you disagree with their approaches most are trying to do something good or positive. I think alot of people have to invest in themselves and stop worry about what others think, Hamilton for all its big city talk is essentially a small town, many opportunities but also alot of people trying to keep the status quo.

Anyways enough of the rant…..