Pane Del Sole

So hopefully this will be with a little effort be a semi-regular series of posts about awesome local businesses!

Pane Del Sole Sign

Pane Del Sole 175 John St North, Hamilton Ontario 905-529-0949

(between James and Catherine St, north of Cannon. Click above link for google map)

Hours-6am-6pmĀ  Sundays 6am till 5pm,(last time i checked and usually open most holidays.) And Plenty of Parking/ Right across the street is a bus stop.

Food is a mix of Lunch/Pastries and basic Italian/European groceries. (They have their own pasta sause as well) Lunch is a mix of subs, sandwiches, schnitzel, potatoes,etc. They also have pastries, buns, breads. I especially recommend their canoles! They also have espresso/lattes,etc.

Other than that if your from the Hamilton/Burlington area I call it a upscale Dennigers, really good food at good prices!


pane del sole deserts

Pane Del Sole Mosaic Image




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  1. Geoff Vincent

    My wife and I moved to Hamilton last May from Mississauga and have made a point of trying to find local gems in the way of stores, neighbourhoods, etc. In an effort to get away from various work guys at our house, we went out for lunch and discovered Pane Del Sole for (great food, excellent value) and came back for the cookies at Christmas. We love the place.

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