News News News!

Ok first off some sad news, The Spec’s cartoonist Blaine passed away, some people wont consider a polital cartoonist a artist but I do. While I don’t agree with all the images he made he was good at what he did and occassionally made the points better than any article could. Hats off to artists combining their talent with a message like this man did.


Next up, CBC may not come to Hamilton, after years of longing Hamilton was holding hope about a digital service that was announced about a year ago but due to potential budget cuts may not happen. Another note about the spec article is a rumor of the headquarters being located on James St., if true it would have a huge benifit to the downtown core. Anyways hopefully the dream ain’t dead.

Finally in local awesome news is the fact that Hamilton’s music scene is killing it! For some reason the spectator’s site wont let me link to it but here’s the article