NeedleWork, Beaux Mondes and other news

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So James St North has a new things happening, first of all there is Needlework which was nicely written about in the Hamilton Spectator and on Beaux Mondes too!

They’re located on 174 James St North, right across the street from The Printstudio. In fact its kind of a fabric version of the studio in that you can rent sewing machines to do your own projects, take classes,etc. Not just sewing but all sorts of fabric related projects. (Anyone toiling away on their own etsy projects might consider this option).

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Now even though were late posting it, congrats to the Beaux Mondes ladies for getting a write up as well in the Hamilton Spectator! However after reading their post on The Cannon I find myself just craving coffee!

Other news, the CBC Hamilton is now going to be in the same building as The Agh’s furtniture store/space , also Blackbird Studio‘s has setup space in the old Artists Inc space. CopyDog has moved into Homegrown Cafe and in its place is going to be Books and  Beats.

Oh and on a side note, congrats to Flatspot and Bodega for their recent hostings of incredible artshows with local talent!

Manny Trinh Flatspot

Art by Manny Trinh.


One thought on “NeedleWork, Beaux Mondes and other news

  1. Susan Edwards

    Hello there.

    I was checking out this little blog about the Artcrawl on James St. North and I couldn’t help but notice that you have left several establishments out of the mix, including my own shop, Humblepie.

    I would like to invite you to come to Humblepie during an ArtCrawl, or any other time, for that matter. We have been around for about 9 months now and, with an in-house piano and up-right bass, we always feature live Jazz during this event. The shop fills up with many, many people.
    Humblepie is more than just an eclectic vintage shop, with the in-store work space finally completed, we are about to introduce Creative Up-cycling Workshops. We have recently formed a Collective of Up-cycling Artisans. The idea is to create and promote the art of up-cycling furniture and other objects through workshops and events. Please consider including me in your blog.

    Thanks for listening,

    Susan Edwards

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