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Sorry to keep doing this to you but……

West Harbour GARBAGE CRAWL!!!!! With Mr. Matt Jelly!

Rally for West Harbour this Sunday in Hess!!!! Link Here…..

One thing everyone can agree upon from Dofasco is that wherever the stadium is built use local materials! (Also who knew Dofasco has twitter?)

On a lighter note did you know Matt Jelly is also a designer?

Also you may want to stop by 170 King in Hamilton my friend Bryce Huffman has a art show there!

2 thoughts on “More News

  1. Peter Bailey

    We’re full of surpises over here at ArcelorMittal Dofasco. Not only can you tweet with us (, you can find us on . Heck, we even have a community blog: .

    If you have any questions or comments…or, if we can do anything for you…get in touch.


  2. Peter Bailey

    LOL. my XHTML tags didn’t work. [the following references are thus exempt from the previous comment]

    Find us!

    Twitter: @AMDofasco

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