Matt Jelly For Mayor!

First if you can attend this meeting tomorrow please do Hamilton needs you!!!!

Ok I offically want Matt Jelly to be Hamilton’s Next Mayor and no this isn’t a joke either. If you haven’t been following his progress as of late, he’s done garbage crawl, leading the opposition to the crazy stadium out in the farm hinterland and recently discovered/exposed a bunch of toxic dumps! WTF? isn’t that the city’s job? And that’s why I think he’s perfect for the job!

Mystery Toxic Barrels down on Hess and Stuart St, the spec wasn’t even nice enough to credit him!

Sure the picture below might as Bob Bratina might say “overweight” but he’s done more for this city this year then Bob or the rest of city council has!

Matt Jelly For Mayor

Also check out the video on the bottom of this link!!!

One thought on “Matt Jelly For Mayor!

  1. Margaret Lindsay Holton

    People who CARE – are people we MUST vote for.

    We, in Burlington, need your help NOW to VOTE out the Pan Am Games in the ‘new’ Burlington City Park. The politician who represents that Ward isn’t LISTENING …

    Please help us – Vote NO to the Pan Am Games in Burlington City Park.

    Hamilton’s Ward 15, Burlington’s Ward 3 and Ward 1 will ALL be affected by this. Time is running out – we only have ONE MONTH to convince the City & Toronto to pull out this ridiculous ‘over the top’ sports & media CIRCUS. This kind of event does not BELONG in this exquisite, natural, untouched, parkland, a part of the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve.

    We MUST stop this foolishness. PLEASE vote, and JOIN us at – ALL citizens of the Golden Horseshoe who LOVE their parks are invited to STAND WITH US.

    Breaking News: Activist Artist wants Pan Am Stadium OUT of City Park –

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