July10/15 Art Crawl!


BIG UP BARTON- 749 Barton East (July10-26)
Come and browse through photos, listen to audio stories and take a walk on the street. Share your favourite Barton memories by recording a story of your own. Bring your photographs and memorabilia to be scanned and included in the museum.

SPICE FACTORY-Connecting The Dots-Eklipz (121 Hughson st N)
We will be taking over the Spice Factory totally and creating an event built on Art and Music. The first floor gallery space will host the Gallery show from 7 PM til Midnight while the upper Club space will kick off at 11:30 PM and go til 2:30 AM with the extensive music selections of DJ Verse One and DTS who are truly Masters of their art form.

HAMMER CITY RECORDS-Miss Willow Fiend Club-Brian Walsby (228 StN At Rear off Robert Alley)
This show includes some comic art, punk portraits, new takes on classic art and so much more. You might have caught recently at the MELVINS merch table during their current tour, but many of you missed out so now’s your chance to pick up an original piece of artwork to take home with you.

HAVN-Toward an Archytecture-Petra Matar (25 Barton St)
exploring a free architecture and urban landscape

YOU ME GALLERY -Broke, Busted  & Badly Bent-Doug Carter
Assemblages, sculptures.
DR DISC PRESENTS-Raising the Roof (behind doctor disc)
The annual tradition of bands playing on the back of Dr.Disc. Enjoy some free music and a great time!

THE NATHANIEL HUGHSON GALLERY-Beverley Hawksley  the inside story … is not only mine(27 John n and King William)
Beverley Hawksley is a visual storyteller, but this time, she wants you to bring your own narrative to her images. How you relate to the work, and what you take away from it, is most important to the Huntsville artist. Join us for the opening reception on May 15th and become part of the conversation.

HAMILTON ARTISTS INC-Black Mirror-Marigold Santos
BLACK MIRROR, combines new and recent work by Montreal based interdisciplinary artist, Marigold Santos. Using the black mirror as a metaphor, an 18th century tool used by landscape painters to abstract and simplify their subject matter through its reflection, Santos plays with the concept of fragmentation and reflection as it applies to self-hood. Through re-telling and re-configuring the folklore, landscapes and narratives of her past, Santos reflects on her identity, the concept of home and the hybridities between as one navigates the diaspora. When contemplating the past, we are no longer remembering, we are constructing something new, simultaneously affecting our view of the past and present. BLACK MIRROR employs this reflection and reconfiguration in the creation of personal mythos. Through both invented and re-imagined narratives, Santos invites the viewer into a space that is fantastical and foreboding, mystical and otherworldly.




CENTRE3–Improbable Anatomy-Helena Rakic
Helena Rakic’s work reflects upon her perpetual affinity for precision. Helena tries to create images that are the honest reflection of her surroundings. Her work often contains the human figure, common objects or vegetation. It is always the subject that is placed in the foreground as she rarely ever integrates a background. It is this very emptiness that is void of distraction that allows for the figure to be the priority. The depleted background automatically creates a sense of isolation and forms an enigmatic presence. Helena see’s her lithographs as simplified metaphors that portray relatable human emotions, which are shown in a surrealist light.
Hunter Gather-Georgina Russell
Georgina Russell is a textile artist and screen-printer currently living in Hamilton, Ontario. She received her BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia. Hunter Gather is a recent foray into decorative textile work. Having worked with garments for several years under the name Hand & Shadow, the materials and process used are similar, however, these prints are not intended to be worn. Instead they are a diary of sorts, a collection and documentation of the natural world. Hunter Gather is an exploration of harvested botanicals, each item collected within the woods near the artist’s studio. A nod to Victorian botanical cyanotypes, decorative floral textiles, and scientific illustration, Hunter Gather is an observation of nature and a tiny selection of what it holds.

This month’s exhibition traces a loose parallel storyline, involving both photography and poetry. The photography in this show, was taken on a visit two years ago, in Paris, France and Basel, Switzerland. The poetry is a response to those images written in hindsight.
Paintings (237 James N)

ART WORD ART BAR -Music and Art(15 Colbourne aka James and Colburne)
Jazz Music


This Aint Hollywood/Club Absinthe/Homegrown/Baltimore House-All these events have music after parties. Usually This Aint Hollywood, Homegrown and Club Absinthe have art as well.

66 James Street North (before Wilson)

NEEDLEWORK- 174 James N-Textile Workshop
Temporarily above burnt tongue!


HOMEGROWN-tba KIng William

HISTORY AND HERITAGE-and also Hamilton store

MCCARTNEY & SON Resturant-282 James North

WORK-337 James North

HANDKNIT YARN STUDIO-Yarn Supplies 10 Cannon


O’S CLOTHES -150 James St N

CHAISES MUSICALS-Furniture, books, music, dvds (cannon and james)
152 James St North

WHITE ELEPHANT-Clothes and Jewlery 133 James N

THE CLAY STUDIO- 175 James St N.

MELAINE GILLIS STUDIO -126 James St N. (above the Factory 3rd Floor)

SYLVIA NICKERSON ILLUSTRATION-126 James St N. (above the Factory 3rd Floor)