Hamilton Artists Inc News

The Inc has a huge  news but I better let you read it from the email I was sent but before that if you want to be on the board of directors the dealine is Sept 4/09

well straight from them……


The Board of Directors of the Hamilton Artists Inc. is delighted to
announce that the City of Hamilton has released full funding for
our Building Project, and that we are now the proud owners of
157-161 James Street North.

This historical accomplishment was made possible by the largest
investment of public funds for a Canadian artist-run centre. This
project has been a long time coming. We’d like to say thank you
for your patience.

The Building Committee and our architect have been busy
addressing a new design for the centre incorporating members
input. The construction of the building will happen in a series of
phases, with the first phase focused on our new Main Space
Gallery in the corner building.

For further details about the Building Project, please feel free to
contact us. In the meantime, please come out and join us in
celebrating this long-awaited development at our next Annual
General Meeting on Saturday, September 12 at 3:00 pm

More details about the AGM will follow shortly.


As a side note its nice to see the city finally realizing the benifit of this, even though it did take a couple years……