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ok so you maybe wondering why oh why I haven’t been posting as of late well you could feel i have become lazy, bored,etc well faithful reader nothing is further from the truth. I was wanted to simply let the supercrawl event take centre stage. I am hoping tons of people show up! man so many good bands and oh yeah some art too! I hope it becomes a annual thing! Anyways here is a nice article from fecal face….

Also in case you didn’t know at supercrawl will be Marble Index


Next Month is SuperCrawl!

Oh man my hat goes off to the person organizing Supercrawl next mont, if you haven’t seen the info about or joined the facebook page. Next month’s artcrawl is gonna have part of the street shut down! Music bands like hidden cameras play! and that’s not even including the artshow’s and events at places like This Ain’t Hollywood have to offer!