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Creative What? Catalyst Where?

Ok so the local paper has a article regarding some recent mentions of the Creative Catalyst Project and also here is a article in Hmag with a break down of the creative catalyst project

Here is the actual Hamilton city plan for a creative catalyst project and here is the city’s site for Creative Catalyst Project and last but certainly not least the actual final report…….

The debate as it stands now is the HCCP (or Hamilton Creative Catalyst Project) a worthy endevor to drawn in new industries/businesses and creative folks to the city. The idea is to build a buidling (or use a old one) which will create cross over oportunities to develop talent, jobs and projects. Much like a liberty village or many other similair places in Toronto work. The report interestingly enough points not to the standard “art” scene of James North,et al but more towards the music scene and the film industry as the big potential money makers/ talent draw for this endevor.

Some selected quotes from the final report “However, the City needs to have a vision of itself as a creative city and put the necessary supports in place to build on its success. A Creative Catalyst is one such support.”

“at least 75% .. of businesses will be paying market rate” (edited down).

It is my opinon that this project is placing the cultural industry on the Hamilton City Map, ie:new stadium this year, next year the HCCP. also this is future planing in consort with the new light rail and Pan Am Games. The city has to do this, why if it doesn’t sadly the “arts industry” will be a ram shackle of various venues and this will allow a single focus for outsiders to understand. In Toronto I can say Liberty Village and everyone knows its Toronto’s mini-silicon valley for better or worse. By having a “draw” like this it will increase Hamilton’s chances to grow physically downtown and creative wise. Much like my past statements on the SkyDragon/ Save SkyDragon, I may not entirely agree with their politics or ideas but I strongly recognize its importance in drawing people downtown, giving another voice to the downtown and creating jobs. Hamilton is too close to Toronto physically and it needs ways of retaining talent and also attracting it.

Bottom line, I support this project because it will help the creative art/industries and while it may not be perfect or to my exact ideal of what Hamilton should do it is a project that can be achieved and considering how much we give to Defasco or the Ticats, this is a no brainer project.

The George and Rick Show?

First read this basically its about a facebook page about bringing CBC celeb’s to SuperCrawl specifically the Economic Development Department of Hamilton created the page. Ok so why are they so concerned with such trivial matters? I dunno maybe they should promote things like by-law crawl or even I dunno high densities for downtown living? or grants and loans for small businesses? On one end the city basically is targeting buskers but is also trying to take credit for the hard work by the arts/music communities. I would ask the economic development area to maybe stick some bike racks down here in the place of maybe one or two parking spots?  Or maybe have a artist grants instead of lame arts awards?? or you know economic development like encouraging people to setup co-ops or make videos of successful small businesses?

I really don’t care if these people come to supercrawl or not, I just want to see people in Hamilton actually participating in their own city! How about CHNews comes to a regular old artcrawl!!!! How about council members come down and actually see what a tiny bit of money invested in the small arts can do for Hamilton!

But most of all I want to see higher quality events and things in Hamilton, as I have said many a time forget imitating Toronto lets aim higher like a Berlin or Montreal!

Skydragon Safe? And A White Elephant Update

Ok so I am alot behind on my local news, well that’s what happens when May 2-4 weekend happens, everything else fades to grey. That being said, looks like offically Skydragon may have a local source to save it, please read it in full.

Highlights are- To date we have sold $10,000 in community bonds, with the expectation of $15,000 more being sold shortly as follow-up contacts are made with interested parties                                                                                                                                The Coop is now in the final stages of securing a deal with private financiers. This deal is a significant improvement on the one  currently  held… and will announce the formal closure of the deal when “the ink is dry”.

A new board will oversee the organization from thenceforth. Current stakeholder groups being considered for the new organization include Coop managers, Coop staff, investors, community members, and partner organizations.

The news is good so far, hopefully it all works out but I think many Hamilton non-profits can learn a thing or two here by creating something unique that is really community oriented and sticking to their core princaples Skydragon has managed to weather the storm and hopefully come out stronger for it. Whether you agree or disagree with some of their politics the Skydraon does offer many reasons for people to come downtown and enjoy  what makes the city great.

Well June is quickly approaching and the people behind White Elephant are busy getting the store ready for June hopefully. Take a look at their Blog Love It Alot for more details! Here’s a nice picture from their site…..

(As a side note to analytics Jane, last art crawl day the hits to the site trippled and May two four weekend was are lowest in a long time for traffic to the site.)

Hamilton Makes Art and Police still hate buskers

A new blog in Hamilton, its called Hamilton Makes Art, very nice but personally I get sick of asking people if they want to contribute to this one and they never do, maybe I should sell the thing to those “do not sollict” tech companies in Liberty Village?

Sorry its summer and I am enjoying it too much already! In old or kinda old news, Ken the Busker is being targeted again. Even Marines in Iraq understand a thing or two about having the locals on your side….. oh wait that’s right I keep forgetting Hamilton PD isn’t suppose to act like a occupying army, note to the police chief! (Stop giving police quotas like their telemarketers and actually let them do their job!)

Also the Royal Connaught is up for bancruptcy bidding……. rumors have it Skydragon may have some good news in the near future, my fingers are crossed…….

A Message From Mr. Matt Jelly

This is a quick notice to let you know about a community cleanup event happening tomorrow morning in the Balsam neighbourhood, hosted by Parkview Secondary School. The cleanup happens tomorrow (Friday May 21st) at 10:30 am til 11:30 am, followed by a BBQ from 11:30 til 12:30. All are welcome to join the group and help beautify the neighbourhood. Hats off to Walter Bogul and the students of Parkview for taking this on- it’s always great to see citizens taking part to make the City a better place to live, work and play, and great to see educators inspiring young people to care about their neighbourhood. If you have some free time, please come down and lend a hand!

Also- on a completely unrelated note, I’ll be playing a show tomorrow night at This Ain’t Hollywood (345 James St. North) with Lee Reed and Nilla. It’s my unofficial birthday party, and I’m anticipating a great night of music. The show starts around 9 pm, and cover is 8 dollars, or 6 dollars with a canned good.

Art In Hamilton

A reminder……

SPECIAL EVENT- June 11- Hamilton Artists Inc presents:ARTOPIA MASQUERADE

live music, raffles, prizes, silent auction, bar
masks of all shapes and sizes colours and designs
doors 7pm 242 James St. N. come check out Academica Hall
Drop by the Inc to get your mask today!
Contact- 905.529.3355 or

Location:     Academica Hall- 242 James St. N.

Also if Hamilton is really serious in its plans to become a creative city it might want to do things like offer grants to organizations already doing creative things or simply create space in some of those vacant buildings we give 30% tax breaks for but refuse to give either helping people out of poverty or even less political things like community gardens or the arts……

Busker Crawl Recap

Someone made a awesome video and posted it on youtube! Also thanks to everyone who showed up and played or just came for the fun! Who knows maybe it will be a annual event?

Oh and also since busker crawl was all about how Hamilton City Police are misdirecting their efforts to non-crimes like busking, I thought I’d include a video about how toronto is using graphitti to help beautify the city!

Oh and also Roadsworth was there!

Its funny, how unlike Toronto the Hamilton Cops or at least the top guys don’t understand a thing called public relations and community building. (ie:if your going to arrest someone for busking them and others will be  less likely to become a witness for a major crime)

Lakeport the Undead?

Well Labatt’s may have given up on Hamilton well at least the idea of good old fashion competition by buying out Lakeport and then closing them down and probably killing the cheap beer trend…….

But it looks like Minhas beer might be up for it, check out their site. Not a shock they would choose Hamilton, they’re actually loyal to local brands and we drink a lot.

Also just like the Skydragon campagin I would like to ask the couple thousand people who visit the site to email the company asking him to setup shop in Hamilton! Why? Why Not? (Also It never hurts to ask) or just email

More Updates for April

Hamilton Public Book Sale is April 12 till April 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its somewhere in Jackson Square, next up fooooooooodddd…..

April 9,10, 11 at Copps comes the Food & Drink Fest! $12 for a day of food and drink, what could be better?

Since it seems to be Environmental time as well…………………

Treehugger has a couple interesting articles. Above the cigarette carpet which I think Hamilton could have a industry in these.

Team up and clean up! April 19-25 is Hamilton’s clean up week!!! On that note By Law Crawl goes crazy in May with Garbage Crawl and a special emphasis on cleaning up stuff with seperate bags just for Tim Hortons! We all love Tims but wouldn’t we love them more if they were a super environmental company???

Also in Treehugger links thought I’d share this disturbing one……