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Joey Coleman

Hey everyone just a quick reminder Joey Coleman, aka the citizen journalist, is having a fundraiser. While the site is not political, Joey’s work is sadly needed as even our local news sources tend to neglect local news.

So make up your own mind, here’s the links  

Also a great article by Raise the Hammer about Joey Coleman


No Casino!

If you think having a casino within 45mins of two other casinos your insane, anyways on the mixed media blog Dave’s has a good statement about it.

Reprint below:

We’re well into January 2013 and many of us are back into a regular routine after a busy December holiday season. We are thankful and appreciative to all our customers who chose to shop locally in search of something unique and creative. Not only was our store busy, but many of our neighbours on James North saw an increase in pedestrian traffic as more and more people rediscover our historic stretch of storefronts.

While Christmas was a top priority for many – the other big topic of conversation in the shop was whether or not we all should be worried that a Casino would locate in the downtown core. I was encouraged by the fact that everyone who we talked to felt the same way we did. That a casino in the downtown core will only harm the many positive developments that are taking place on James Street North and in downtown Hamilton.

I still can’t believe we’re entering our 8th year in business. To think, when we opened in 2005 most of our friends and family thought we were nuts to locate on James Street North. We heard it all. That the “downtown was dead”, “no one shops downtown anymore” and “you’ll be lucky to last one year”. We’re proud to say that along with our hardworking friends and neighbours, we helped to change what was once an unloved and forgotten neighbourhood into a lively and exciting destination. What continues to happen on James North goes against decades of the same-old downtown large-scale renewal thinking. One has to just look at Jackson Square, Copps Coliseum and the Hamilton Convention Centre to see that that the guarantees of a renewed core through mega projects will never achieve the vitality or economics as promised. The idea of James North wasn’t brainstormed around a boardroom table or made possible by millions of dollars in civic grants and loans. The reason James North happened is that Hamiltonians wanted it to happen. Whether it is the thousands of people who frequent the monthly Art Crawl, the regular shoppers in search of a good coffee and unique finds or the Saturday night crowds enjoying live music at This Ain’t Hollywood and The Brain. The James North that is being written about in national media is what makes Hamilton special and different. Clearly we are being seen as something other the “armpit of Canada” and that is something we can all be proud of.

For the first time in a long time, there is a buzz about the city that is loud and positive. A downtown casino does nothing to enhance that. It creates a blackhole of economic stagnation and creates short-term gains for the operators and long-term pains for the community that hosts it.

This will hurt Hamilton. As life-long Hamiltonians and passionate supporters of this city, we ask you to say NO to a Downtown Hamilton casino!

Via Mixed Media Blog

News News News!

Ok first off some sad news, The Spec’s cartoonist Blaine passed away, some people wont consider a polital cartoonist a artist but I do. While I don’t agree with all the images he made he was good at what he did and occassionally made the points better than any article could. Hats off to artists combining their talent with a message like this man did.


Next up, CBC may not come to Hamilton, after years of longing Hamilton was holding hope about a digital service that was announced about a year ago but due to potential budget cuts may not happen. Another note about the spec article is a rumor of the headquarters being located on James St., if true it would have a huge benifit to the downtown core. Anyways hopefully the dream ain’t dead.

Finally in local awesome news is the fact that Hamilton’s music scene is killing it! For some reason the spectator’s site wont let me link to it but here’s the article




Dofasco Gives!

(image from the hamilton spectator)

Sorry I still can’t bare to say Arcelor Mittal Dofasco, I think Dofasco is so much easier. Anyways if you were like me wondering why Dofasco was at Artcrawl well, here is why…. they were being good corporate citizens if you will and giving back $1.6 million to the local charities/ngo’s. I do agree with them that companies need to have a greater responsibility toward their communities. (Also many thanks for supporting  about four organizations right on James St! )

Hey City Hall get on a good thing! Get some arty farty bike racks on this street made with Dofasco Steel! Not just boring ones like in Toronto!

I would also like to challenge companies like this to start getting local, support things like community gardens, individual artist grants,etc. Also speaking of local some people in our community are doing the right thing the recent “Don’t Let the Head Fall Off the Hammer!” is a perfect example, basically kickstarter done local. They raised only around $800 but the idea is to help someone continue in a small way some great work.

I think extends to my loose belief that local smaller/medium businesses/ DIY attitude is going to be more and more important in the coming years.

Grant recipients

Theatre Aquarius

McMaster Engineering

Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation

Hamilton Regional Cancer Centre Foundation

St. Joseph’s Health Care

Good Shepherd

Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair

Neighbour to Neighbour Centre

St. Matthew’s House Hamilton

United Way of Burlington and Greater Hamilton

Pathways to Education

Robert Land Community Association

Welcome Inn Community Centre

Burlington Arts Centre Foundation

Barton Secondary Breakfast Program

Food for Life

Habitat for Humanity

Halton Food for Thought

Ronald McDonald House

Kiwanis Boys and Girls Club

Bruce Trail Conservancy

Art Gallery of Hamilton

Dundas Valley School of Art

Hamilton Philharmonic

Opera Hamilton

Cathy Weaver School

Greater Hamilton Foodshare

Mission Services of Hamilton

Dundas Youth Chaplaincy

Goodwill – The Amity Group

Wesley Urban Ministries


Dundas Arts Community Foundation

Hamilton Artists’ Inc.

Hamilton Children’s Choir

Hamilton Music Collective

Print Studio

Bay Area Restoration Council

Conservation Halton

Green Venture

Royal Botanical Gardens

Trout Unlimited

S.T.A.R. of Hamilton Community Skills

Big Brothers Big Sisters

CityKidz Ministry

Homestead Christian Care


Hey McMaster History Students have a lecture series going on and Hamilton cancels polling station there.  Also council tries to save itself from its own mistakes for arts?

Oh and one more thing, its election time and I want everyone out there in Hamilton to vote! Hamilton seems to have a very inefficent government based on taxing/ bylaw enforcing working businesses and letting abandoned buildings collect tax breaks. Everyone seems to be waiting for some big saviour, whether its walmart or redhill expressway to turn things around. I think Small business/ ordinary people can do a better job!

I know some people think voting is a joke but even if it is it’s a cruel one, ever wonder why Hamilton downtown is so bad? No votes!

That is why I just wanted to say this blog/site offically supports MATT JELLY FOR WARD TWO

Why?  The main reason is he’s done more for the city in the last year then I have seen from anyone else! He was organized garbage crawls/ Bylaw crawls in a effort to clean this city and get people into action on a concrete level. He’s discovered some nasty abandoned buildings that turned out held toxic chemicals. When did anyone else do this?

Also he’s new and I am not talking about him being young, Hamilton’s councillors seem to be in a semi-perminant state of suspended animation where all there opnions and ideas are all from a by gone era. Unacceptable!

Matt is one of the few with a actual background in the arts from being a musician/artist, I think he would add a fresh prespective to the lawyers/business people on council.

Hamilton deserves politicans who don’t just look at easy answers or think of quick solutions. Matt Jelly is passionate about civic issues and not just for artists or business people but for all people in this city.

I urge you to vote and vote for Matt!

Matt Jelly in the Paper and Reminder Garbage Crawl Today!-BREAKING NEWS!!!!


I kinda disagree with the Spec’s claim of Matt Jelly being a nuisance, hell give me two more and maybe the city would be ok by now!


Today · 10:00am – 2:00pm
Location    Caroline and Stuart Street, Behind the former Rheem Factory.
THIS SATURDAY – WEST HARBOUR GARBAGE CRAWL. Meet at 10 am behind the Rheem Factory at Caroline North and Stuart Street. Bring bags and gloves and friends and family. We’ll be picking up litter from the naturalized areas around the train tracks.

Feel free to use the event photo as your profile photo to help spread the word. Let the cleanup begin.

West Harbour Stadium Killed by Conservatives and Liberals

Please come out to the Hess Village Rally for the West Harbour, even if the point is kinda mute. According to that article by the spec, both the feds and province have basically refused to fund the harbour stadium people were choosing  after they looked at the issue….Both the liberals and Conservative governments killed the West Harbour Stadium idea it seems but they also killed a lot of hope for downtown urban renewal………

…now comes the question, is Bob Young/ The Ti-Cats still helping Hamilton or just dragging us down? I’m sick of old thinking, I’m down for a new sports team! Some call it Football…….

More News

Sorry to keep doing this to you but……

West Harbour GARBAGE CRAWL!!!!! With Mr. Matt Jelly!

Rally for West Harbour this Sunday in Hess!!!! Link Here…..

One thing everyone can agree upon from Dofasco is that wherever the stadium is built use local materials! (Also who knew Dofasco has twitter?)

On a lighter note did you know Matt Jelly is also a designer?

Also you may want to stop by 170 King in Hamilton my friend Bryce Huffman has a art show there!

More News/Politics but then some art related stuff!

Ok so not only has Matt Jelly (and hopefully future mayor) discovered toxic waste apparently he was not satisfied with doing politicans jobs, now he’s even a crime fighter!!!! Check out his video here....Unlike Hamilton city hall, the province has wisely agreed with Matt’s opinons and stopped him from running for premier by also saying that the stadium should be in the westend! The Future Fund seems to agree with Matt…..

Mean while in Burlington folks also againist the PanAm Carnage which plans to destroy a whole forest!!!! Strangley they don’t like all artifical grass replacing the natural environment? How strange? Wierd it seems all these artist types actually give a crap about their communities! Lindsay Holton to Matt Jelly! No wonder the arts are starved for funding you might actually get a decent society if they had decent resources!

Akimbo has a great post about David Mach, who btw has a piece at McMaster Art Gallery!

Awesome right but then again no POSTER MADE FROM BLOOD!!!!!!!

Also check out the original post that Printeresting pointed to here at Metastazes!

Click on the image to see its full Black Metal Evilness full force!

Also from another post this cool tattoo!

Matt Jelly For Mayor!

First if you can attend this meeting tomorrow please do Hamilton needs you!!!!

Ok I offically want Matt Jelly to be Hamilton’s Next Mayor and no this isn’t a joke either. If you haven’t been following his progress as of late, he’s done garbage crawl, leading the opposition to the crazy stadium out in the farm hinterland and recently discovered/exposed a bunch of toxic dumps! WTF? isn’t that the city’s job? And that’s why I think he’s perfect for the job!

Mystery Toxic Barrels down on Hess and Stuart St, the spec wasn’t even nice enough to credit him!

Sure the picture below might as Bob Bratina might say “overweight” but he’s done more for this city this year then Bob or the rest of city council has!

Matt Jelly For Mayor

Also check out the video on the bottom of this link!!!