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Art Crawl Tomorrow June 8th (Rain or Shine)

Also please bring a non perishable good! Cannon & James North, help your community!

Also —-Creative Exchange Networking Event- WHEN: Friday, June 8th, 2012 @ 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

WHERE: Former Bank of Montreal Building,Jackson Square Rooftop (above the LCBO)

2 King Street West, Hamilton, ON
Join us on the second Friday in June (just before the Art Crawl downtown gets into full swing). The Creative Exchange Networking Event will be held in concert with the Hamilton 24 ( The HAMILTON24 was founded in the Spring of 2008 as Hamilton’s own 24-Hour Film Festival. The idea was simple: to hold a fun, community-enhancing event in which filmmakers would produce short films within a 24-hour period and then screen them publicly. This festival is now into it’s 5th year and is still going strong!

Hamilton Artists Inc-The Wardens-Heather Goodchild
The Wardens is a nondenominational organization started in the late nineteenth century by Anna Ward Brouse. Her early history is vague but it is believed that she was born in Berlin, Ontario (now Kitchener) in 1855. Anna travelled to Pennsylvania as a youth and at the age of twenty-three she was struck by visions depicting a society of outcasts in sixteenth century Germany. Moved by the beauty, strength and wisdom of these long dead people, Anna revealed their practices and beliefs to a growing society of her own.
Also Create for Creation’s Sake – Valerie Cousens, Lisa Hind, and Louise Williams
On going to May4/12 is Two Tales of a City-Broken Lab Residency
The fabric banner installed along the side of HAI’s new building will feature a rotating series of call-and-response dualities over a six week period, while the oversized bunting will span 135 feet hung across the roofline and act as a timeline of collapsed and thriving industries, experiences, struggles, and victories of the city.

Hammer City Records DAVID IRVINE: Batteries Not Included
The art on exhibit will showcase the wide variety of style and themes that David Irvine employs. Paintings on reclaimed vinyl records, works on paper and canvas
228 James St N Basement@rear off Robert St./345 James North
The Factory Media Arts Centre-Outthere
Queer Shorts Across Canada, the best of LGBT short films from Canadian Artists.
228 James St. N. 905.577.9191 •

Sylvia Nickerson’s Open Studio-Abedo-Jamie Lawson
Recent works by world renowned artist Jamie Lawson, a rare glimpse into his cubist inspired works.
126 James North-3rd Floor Art

Studio 12-The Aspiring Lens: A Waterdown District High School Exhibit
Students at Waterdown District High School explored a variety of photographic genres this semester and their work has culminated in an outstanding exhibition which was generously supported by the photographers at Studio 12 with the offer of their fantastic gallery space during the June 8th Art Crawl. Approximately 12 students will attend the exhibit, representing the work of 23 students, spanning surrealism, abstract, landscape, and beyond. 126 James St North 2nd Floor

B Contemporary-New Notebooks-Gary Michael Dault
Gary Michael Dault is a writer, painter and art critic.  He has published seven books of poetry, the most recent being The Hebdomeros Suite with The Bronzino Poems (Exile Editions, 2011).  Dault has exhibited widely as a visual artist; his latest exhibition, Envelope & Contents, was at Peak Gallery in Toronto during December 2011.

You Me Gallery-Paul Cvetch-Woolay Boolay
Wooden sculptures with organic forms, Paul Cvetch is a long time Hamilton artist most famous for his worker memorial piece at city hall in hamilton.

James North Studio-Sherelle Wilsack-Feast
Personal pieces in a beautifully folklorish tone and contemporary feel. a description of one of her works-“She loves vivid hues, a flat, simplified linear style and a frontal pose that make her human figures look like ancient icons, though without the sacred messages.  In Mennonite Girl, a big oil on canvas, the sitter poses against a bright acid-green background”

Artword ArtBar-Leah Boyd
Jazz with  The Robert Chapman Trio (with Robert Chapman – guitar, Mark Ballyk – drums, Jon Stemmler – bass), plus special guests Ruthie Pytka-Jones – voice, and Matt Woroshyl – sax.
15 Colbourne St. •

The Printstudio- Engaging and Educating Hamilton’s Youth Through the Arts”
A culminating exhibition of The Print Studio’s Arts Education programs that bring artists into the schools and schools into the studio to create traditional and contemporary print media.

Manifest @ Havn (26 Barton East)
Grand-opening of the Hamilton Avdio/Visual Node
CONNOR BENNETT & KEARON ROY TAYLOR/visions and artefacts
sprawling soundscapes/ESCHATON/on the flat
Studios at Hamilton Hotel- TBA

Hansen & Lubbers-Art by Sanjay
Sanjay Patel is a refreshing artist who perfectly balances himself between classic, fine art fundamentals and modern couture design
144 James N

Blue Angel Gallery-Contemporary Art and Music

243 James St. N. 905.522.8735 •

The Clay Studio, 175 James St. N.
Contemporary works in a clay/pottery medium.

Focus Gallery-The Heart Lags cont’d
Emily Andrus,  Amanda Dudnik, Annie Fraser, Leslie Furness and Em Johnson

Hamilton HIStory + HERitage-Board of Education Building

Featuring video and photos of this hidden gem of architecture.

165 James St. N. 905.526.1405 •

Personal Reflections on being in love with your city.

Melanie Gillis Photography, 126 James St. N. 3rd Flr. 905.297.1196 •
Mixed Media, 154 James St. N. 905.529.2323 •
Showcasing a mix of locally inspired art including posters, prints and clothing with a Hamilton bent. New works by Scott Hume, Chelsea Watt, David Collier, Bryce Huffman, Matt McIness, Dave O’Connor, Becky Katz and others.

Homegrown Cafe- Live Art-artists and musicians
This event features live painting during music performances. The theme of improvisation inspired the idea to create a situation where musicians make music while graphic artists interpret the atmosphere.

The Sonic Unyon Building, 22 Wilson St.
Featuring the studios of Jenna Rose • Blackbird Studios • Silver Studio • Lori LeMare, Hidden Pony Vintage and Environment Hamilton.

Studios at Vasco da Gama, 175 James St. N. 3rd Flr.
Needlework, 174 James St. N. 905.385.1829
Worker’s Arts & Heritage Centre, 51 Stuart St. •
Transit Gallery
230 Locke St South

ARTCRAWL FEB 10th 2012!!!!!

ART CRAWL FEB 10/2012!!!

Gurl PWR-McMaster New Space Gallery (Feb10 2-8pm/Feb11 2-5pm)

Joanna Chan,Emily Hochheimer,Isabel Knez
Katherine Koren,Gloria Pizio
Opening Day: Friday February 10 | 2pm- 8pm
Saturday February 11 | 2pm- 5pm

Driving Directions:
Enter the McMaster Campus via Sterling Street Entrance. Follow signs for Parking lot E. Parking Lot E is located directly infront of Togo Salmon Hall.

Focus Gallery-Heart Lags-McMaster 4th Year Group Exhibition

Annie Fraser, Amanda Dudnik, Leslie Furness, Emily Andrus & Em Johnson
(66 James St North)

Loose Cannon-PI-Angela Giglia, Javier Caicedo, Cheyenne Federiconi

Some of Hamilton’s hotest new artists, check out the future of art.

Needle Work-Grand Opening -174 James North

Fabric and creative space,

Studio 12- Caputred Motion 126 James St North 2nd Floor

Hamilton Artists Inc-Have I been Here Before-Lenka Novak

(Interactive video Exhibition, performance by Karjin DeJong)
Lenka Novak’s interactive video installation invites the viewer/participant to contemplate the nature of his/her own being through the act of self-reflection within the space. The play of shadows, light, reflected, and refracted image and the repetition of the infinite leads to a contemplative state of mind and projection of one’s own self within the personal as well as larger concept of time and space.

You Me Gallery-Ontario Society of Artists Group Show

An exhibition of works by members the Ontario Society of Artists as part of the “partners” project. Lynn Bishop, Carmel Brennan, Corinne Duchesne, Judith Finch, Cathy Groulx, Diana Harding-Tucker, Janet Hendershot, Robert Montgomery, Audra Noble, Janet Read & Ernestine Tahedi.
330 James St. N. 905.523.7754

Hammer City Records-Bone Machine-Brendan Schieman

Self Taught polymath from Sarnia, using the medium of pen, ink and watercolour. His work is infuluenced by numerous “album art” artists.

228 James St N Basement@rear off Robert St.

Third Floor Art Show (175 1/2 James North)

We’re back! The Third Floor’s first show of the year features artists Matt Zangrando, Rafael Ferreira, Heather Cozens, and Scott Rodgerson! There’ll be plenty of new work, some giveaways, and music, so come down to James North for the Art Crawl and check it out

Absthine-Battle of the Brushes

Battle of The Brushes is celebrating its 1 year anniversary at Club Absinthe This Friday February 10th. As Club Absinthe is new to the neighborhood, we’re super stoked to be a part of the James North Art Crawl activities. Battle of the brushes pits 6 artists against each other in one room with a limited amount of time to paint a canvas. This is done in front of live spectators who vote for their favourites. Afterwards, you have the option to buy your favorite work ONSITE.

Drinks are served, and Dj’s will be playing some great inspirational music to paint and shake yer brushes too;)

B Contemporary-Half Way Point-Stephanie Seagram-

Abstraction:landscape, construction, excavation, group show Michael Allgoewer, Nicole Collins, Michael Davidson
Peter Johnston, Laura Marotta, Paul Ropel-Morski, Stephanie Seagram

James North Studio-Red-New Works by the collective
328 James St. N.
Loose Canon Gallery-TBA

Artword ArtBar-Music Performance

The Grey Room-195 James inside Hamilton Hotel

The Printstudio-An Echo Without A Medium-Benjamin Tiven

The project examines the ideological flexibility of May’s formal vocabulary, and parses the relationship between his architectural logic and political dislocation

Members Space-Amanda McKinney

A cross between the physical and philosophical. A hybrid of materials. My work leans towards environmental awareness, humanity and existence. Using recycled paper to create a new form of material. With the addition of a photograph I am combining one of the oldest art forms, papermaking, with one of the newest forms of art, digital photography

Sonic Unyion Building-
Temporary Projects space: HISTORY THAT HAPPENED OR WAS DREAMED – Tangental realities in photography and video. Works by Ariel Bader-Shamai, Kearon Roy Taylor, Amy McIntosh, Aaron Joo. Sonic contributions by Hysteria Siberania, Connor Bennett, Chris Ferguson, Aaron Hutchinson, Joshua Wiener.

Studios at Hamilton Hotel- TBA

Mulberry Cafe-Bernie Hudecki

His pointillistic painting made with crayon and marker. Portraits, still life, figurative work.
193 James St North

Christ’s Church Cathedral- NEW HARBOURS

New Harbours presents Dinner Belles, The Weather Station, Bruekke
Starts 8pm $10 cover
252 James North

Artword Artbar-Ellen Irving & Martin Peckham

15 Colbourne St. •

B Contemporary-Shake n Make Collective
SHAKE-n-MAKE: More Than A Feeling, December 6 – 23, 2011 at b contemporary,
Shake-n-Make is a queer art collective based in Hamilton, Ontario whose work directly references the 1970s while elevating craft and subject matter beyond kitsch to speak to our current moment in history. 1970s crafts were all about making something…

226 James St. N. •

Blue Angel Gallery-Contemporary Art and Music

243 James St. N. 905.522.8735 •

The Clay Studio, 175 James St. N.
Contemporary works in a clay/pottery medium.

The Factory Media Arts Centre-Spoken

SPOKEN Screening & Live Performance. If words could …engage the world around us. using Spoken Word as the instrument through which we explore and better understand culture, society, and ultimately ourselves…would you speak?

228 James St. N. 905.577.9191 •

Hamilton HIStory + HERitage-Sleek 2 modern contemporary Hamilton architecture
165 James St. N. 905.526.1405 •
Recent exhibitions include photos of The Board of Education and Lister Block at Hamilton’s first and only storefront museum.

Melanie Gillis Photography, 126 James St. N. 3rd Flr. 905.297.1196 •

Mixed Media, 154 James St. N. 905.529.2323 •

RELISH, 6 Cannon St. E. • Relish on Etsy
Relish now occupies the space formerly known as Downtown Bike Hounds (now located at 14 John St. N.). Stylish art, design and fashion curated by Katherine Hollands is sure to make people turn the corner and discover this interesting new endeavour.
Skydragon Centre, 27 King William St. •

The Sonic Unyon Building, 22 Wilson St.
Featuring the studios of Jenna Rose • Blackbird Studios • Silver Studio • Lori LeMare, Hidden Pony Vintage and Environment Hamilton.

The Studios at Hotel Hamilton, 195 James St. N. •
Lots of great studios to explore including Julia Veenstra’s beautiful space. In Room 208 this month:

Sylvia Nickerson Illustration, 126 James St. N. 3rd Flr. 905.730.3288 •
Tribal Gallery, 174 James St. N. 905.385.1829
Nomadic, tribal and ethnic jewellery, textiles and artifacts. Featuring photographs by John Mokrycke.

Worker’s Arts & Heritage Centre, 51 Stuart St. • The Boilermakers and Ironworkers Union brings together the work of artists Camille Turner and Rick Hill, curated by Jennifer LaFontaine. Growing up in the family of boilermakers and ironworkers respectively, both Camille and Rick have carved out their own life paths from these working families to becoming working artists. Both draw on their family experiences and infuse these identities into their artistic practices.

White Elephant Handmade & Vintage, 133 James St. N. 905-667-0325 •

Transit Gallery-230 Locke St South



Vinyl LPs and 7” singles have escaped the turntable only to land on the walls of Hammer City Records. Talented artists and designers, friends of the shop and Schizophrenic Records, from Hamilton and beyond, have committed their unique artwork on wax to make this a great night of music and art. Expect to see waxworks from:

Stef Bell,Scott Bentz,Chany,The Chew,Jamieson Kilmister,Kate Munn Kruitof,Adam Invader,Adam Swinbourne,Chelsea Watt
Marie Wilson & others from Hamilton and beyond!

Hammer City Records
228 James Street North (Rear Unit, First Floor)
Hamilton, ON

Friendship Shop-Art on The Fly!

118 James St. North
(next to the Tivoli)

Admission: Pay-What-You-Can

Spread some Christmas cheer and join us at the James St. North Art Crawl for a gala fundraising event. DJ Realistic will be spinning music and there will be plenty of arts and crafts alongside a cash bar.

Plus see two visual artists square off in a boxing ring in a battle of wits and creativity and have an opportunity to score the winning creation!

This is a one-time event taking place in the heart of James Street North during the hottest night of the month for Hamilton artists!

(cont’d this month)

Hamilton Modernist Residential Architecture 1950-1975 a series of photos displaying some Hamiltonian examples from this era.


you me gallery’s xmas collection including lamothe,gugler,loney,kozowyk,ibing,kelly,van gemerden,davis,davis,paxton,inglis,mansaram,mayrhofer,yates, jackson,carley,seepaul,sovereign,ziolkowski,

SKYDRAGON – Jennifer Emily

No description given.

ART WORD ART BAR -Roger Ferreira and Kareem Ferreira

Roger Ferreira, paintings of Hamilton, and Kareem Ferreira, paintings and sculpture of steel-drum players. Kareem Ferreira is a 4th year student at McMaster in the Fine Art Department. He was born and grew up in Canada but his explorations and subject matter have usually come from the Caribbean, while his father Roger, who grew up in Trinidad, has been exploring Hamilton

Stephanie Vegh-Open Studio

Drawings from my solo show at the Leeds College of Art in October are safely back in Canada, this seemed like a good time to let everyone have a look before they head off to Kitchener next month for my next exhibition at the Rotunda Gallery.

2nd Floor 126 James St North

THE FACTORY – 5th Annual Member Screenings

Independent Shorts 7pm, Feature-Skinning the Cat 8pm Feature-Let Him Be 9:30pm

HAMILTON ARTISTS INC-SWARM:  The Annual Members Exhibition 2010

Swarm implies the combined industrious strength of many persons or things; as a verb, to swarm is to move towards – to approach, though not necessarily resolve – a common purpose as a group that is constantly in motion rather than standing still.

MULBERRY CAFE – Bryce Huffman and Lester Coloma

Paintings from Bryce Huffman and Lester Coloma

THE PRINTSTUDIO – Annual Members Show

Various Works from members of the printstudio, pickup a gift just in time for the Holidays!

170 James St North

THE CLAY STUDIO- 175 James St N.

MELAINE GILLIS STUDIO -126 James St N. (above the Factory 3rd Floor)

SYLVIA NICKERSON ILLUSTRATION-126 James St N. (above the Factory 3rd Floor)


Between the Mulberry Cafe and the Brain

WACH- tba

Also Beasley Skateboard Comp on Saturday! (Also post bellow for ARTCRAWL Info)

Ok I know this may not be related to art but it is a great chance to take some photos! Also its Beasley’s 18th time doing this, basically the oldest one in Canada! And also the good people at Flatspot helped me out with the skateboard art show this month/ the comp and a zillion other local events and people! (Click on the Image for more info)


Photos from last Art Crawl and beyond….

Ok so I got a new phone with a camera and I love it, no make that I LUUUUVVVEE it! So enjoy some snaps!

Photo Projections HamiltonSo This is a image of a movie projection at the last art crawl….

Next up are two images from a pop-up gallery on James featuring the art of Jason Lee.

Jason Lee Vincent Gallo PictureJason LeeSome Random Wheat Pastes that looked too nice….

Wheat Paste girl

A new cafe on King St East near Denniger’s called Barbarossa’s, I recommend the Swiss lemonaide and I hear the mint tea is wicked!

This Friday is ARTCRAWL!!!!

The Printstudio- Studio 12 -Four Corners

Four Corners represent the four corners of the room, wall, picture frame, image, and the view finder which enables the artist to take images from four corners of the world.

Studio 12 is a photographic collective is best described as a participatory group of artistindividuals who share in the common objective of developing and sharing their artistic skills through the confluence of differing conceptual and formal approaches that each member brings to the group

Studio 12 is: Sol Algranti, Eric Bosch, Shirley Dennis, Mary Gilmour, Todd Murray, Jhon Overmeyer, Martin Renters, Ruth Renters Paul Roth

Loose Cannon – Amy Friend and Katie Pretti – Psychic Space

An examination of the tension between representation and abstraction, through the work of photographer Amy Friend and painter Katie Pretti.

Curated by Brad Isaacs

Exhibition runs from July 7- 31.

Know Your Ghosts – Jason Lee – The Middle Ground

A Selection of prints and drawings
255 1/2 James Street North Apt. 3
(One night only)

HAMILTON ARTISTS INC – Teri Donovan – Half Life

Co-mingling wallpaper patterns and paint layers, Donovan layers the past with the present to foreshadow a future embedded with forgotten remnants. Old notions, styles, and behaviours, like old wallpaper, are replaced by the new, but are never really gone. In the guise of memory and desire they linger on in a spectral half-life projecting into the future where they emerge to be re-enacted, re-contextualized, and re-interpreted.

Donovan’s work addresses that tenacious desire for life that guarantees the past’s role in the present and the future, and simultaneously suggests how the present secures its own place as it moves towards its inevitable fate.

Exhibition runs until August 14, 2010

Hamilton Hotel- Bryce Huffman Studio

Paintings, Prints and Hugs are all for sale during the art crawl this month. I won’t be there, but Robert Iszkula gives a mean hug!

A number of other studios will be open as well.

The Factory – Ashley Guindon – One Night Only A Great Mystery

Movie Screening, artist in attendence. Curated by Andrew Butkevicius

Artword Artbar – Holly Briesmaster and Janice Jackson – Arcangles

A two-person collaborative exhibition of fans and constructions that explores the arc form.
Friday July 9, artists present 7-10 pm for James North Art Crawl
July 2 to August 1, 2010

You Me Gallery – Michel Proulx -A Week at Rice Lake

Photographs by MICHEL PROULX
July 9 – Aug 8
Opening Reception: Friday, July 9, 7-10 pm (James North Art Crawl)
appetizers by Wild Orchid

WAHC -Continuing

SkyDragon  – TBA

History and Heritage -Bill. My Brother My Hero – Continuing

The tragic soty of a remarkable boy from Hamilton’s north end. As told by brother Ed Stewart and photographs by Bill Stewart.

BikeHounds -TBA

Socald Studio Gallery 244 James St. N. 905.934.7690

Featuring the work of Bill Sherwood.

Blue Angel- Continuing Art from Various Artists

The Clay Studio 175 James St. N.

Featuring the work of Grazyna Ziolkowski

Melaine Gillis Photography and Sylvia Nickerson Illustration

126 James St. N. 3rd Flr.•

The Sonic Unyon Building 22 Wilson St.

Featuring the studios of Jenna Rose • Blackbird Studios • Silver Studio