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Art Crawl Today!

Sorry for the late post we are working on getting a new look and feel for the site

DR DISC-Raise the Roof Artcrawl music show, enjoy some local bands and add some music to your crawl!
NEEDLEWORK- 174 James N-Textile Workshop
Check out the spot and drop off your can goods during artcrawl for foodbanks!
MANTA CONTEMPORARY-is temporarily closed.
NATHSNIEL HUGHSON-(corner of John and King William)-Tina Newlove Under the Sun Show
YOU ME GALLERY -Karen Thiessen -Unity
Karen Thiessen textiles, collage and patterns in a brilliant collage style.
URBAN ARTS INIATIVE-Hamilton Hometown Love Video Premier (126 James North)
The Urban Arts Initiative is pleased to announce the showcase of the Push the Point, a youth media arts project. Push the Point was a six week, collaborative media workshop organized by the Urban Arts Initiative with funding from the Ontario Arts Council.
HOMEGROWN-Art Crawl afterparty
THIS AIN’T HOLLYWOOD-Art Crawl Afterparty
Kyle Reed works in 2D. He illustrates stories and worlds with traditional and digital collage. Drawing from his imagination, Kyle built landscapes and architectural sculptures. The environments created hint at a narrative for the viewer to expand.
FOCUS GALLERY-Fundy Shore and Focuso
Fred Franzen and Hollander Maui, expressionist landscapes and avant-garde photography
66 James Street North (before Wilson)
MCCARTNEY & SON Resturant-Kyle Stewart
Humorous and exciting pieces by up and coming art star Kyle Stewart
282 James North
B CONTEMPORARY-Rick Pottruff Oasis of the Seas
Rick Pottruff has had over 35 solo shows, both nationally and internationally. His work is represented in numerous public collections, including the McMaster Museum of Art, the Art Gallery of Hamilton, the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, the Mackenzie Art Gallery, and the Robert McLaughlin Gallery. He has had an extensive teaching career.
226 James St N (Old Ricca Furniture Building)
THE FACTORY – Alternate Reality Walk
Bring a smart phone and earphones. goto their site for all instructions
HAVN-Boxes Still-26 Barton E
An accumulation of oddities…… group show
HAMMER CITY RECORDS -Tight Head-228 James North Basement at rear
Morbid hysteria, disconnected reality. A path betwixt this world and the nether. Drain from the piss alley, transcend into hyper-reality.
WAHC-Steel Town Views
Eight studio participants created collagraphs, a printmaking method that works with textures and layers of surfaces glued together. The exhibition at WAHC’s Community Gallery (second floor) also includes the plates from which the prints were pulled. Gallery visitors are invited to use the plates to create rubbings and add their own visual comments on the topic of the “Feel of Steeltown,” for the visitor’s wall. A workshop with children from the ICAA art education program adds another newcomer perspective to the exhibition.

HISTORY AND HERITAGE-Luna Martinez-Virtual History
Oscar Luna Martinez is originally from Mexico City. He grew up in Montreal and now lives in Hamilton. He is a trained graphic artist with a keen interest in architectural illustration. Oscar is another example of the content for HIStory + HERitage’s exhibitions walking through the front door. Oscar showed me his illustrations of the Lister Block and that led to a discussion of a broader exhibition which includes Oscar’s fully rendered 3D illustrations of the Lister Block, the Pigott building, and an amazing re-creation of Hamilton’s old city hall that was located on James Street North that was demolished in 1962.

HAMILTON ARTISTS INC-Mexico ii-Beaverly Healey & Christopher Healey
Two generations of Canadian artists, mother and son, present two different visions of the same place. As tourists from outside of the culture, this is not really Mexico but rather alternate versions of Mexico framed within particular contemporary and modernist biases. Hence Mexico ii.
Christ Church Cathedral
252 James Street North
243 James St North 905-522-8735
BOOK CLUB GALLERY-Open Book Show (21 Rebecca)
Book Club Gallery launches at James North Art Crawl on Friday, June 14 at 7PM with the Open Book Show. Sculptures, paintings, photography and site-specific installations by Donna Akrey, Sarah Beattie, Andrea Carvalho, Margaret Flood, Svava Thordis Juliusson and friends.
ART WORD ART BAR -The Blues in Black and White (James and Colburne)
The Blues in Black and White, an exhibition of archival photographs by Robert Allison from the glory days of Albert’s Hall, the premier venue in the late 80s for blues musicians passing through Toronto.

CENTRE3–Arts Education Exhibit
Highlighting some of the student works made at the centre.

RELISH, 6 Cannon St. E. • Relish on Etsy
O”S Clothes beside Relish-Men’s Clothes
(right beside Relish)
Chaises Musicals-Furniture, books, music, dvds
152 James St North
THE CLAY STUDIO- 175 James St N.
MELAINE GILLIS STUDIO -126 James St N. (above the Factory 3rd Floor)
SYLVIA NICKERSON ILLUSTRATION-126 James St N. (above the Factory 3rd Floor)
Between the Mulberry Cafe and the Brain

Art Crawl Tomorrow June 8th (Rain or Shine)

Also please bring a non perishable good! Cannon & James North, help your community!

Also —-Creative Exchange Networking Event- WHEN: Friday, June 8th, 2012 @ 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

WHERE: Former Bank of Montreal Building,Jackson Square Rooftop (above the LCBO)

2 King Street West, Hamilton, ON
Join us on the second Friday in June (just before the Art Crawl downtown gets into full swing). The Creative Exchange Networking Event will be held in concert with the Hamilton 24 ( The HAMILTON24 was founded in the Spring of 2008 as Hamilton’s own 24-Hour Film Festival. The idea was simple: to hold a fun, community-enhancing event in which filmmakers would produce short films within a 24-hour period and then screen them publicly. This festival is now into it’s 5th year and is still going strong!

Hamilton Artists Inc-The Wardens-Heather Goodchild
The Wardens is a nondenominational organization started in the late nineteenth century by Anna Ward Brouse. Her early history is vague but it is believed that she was born in Berlin, Ontario (now Kitchener) in 1855. Anna travelled to Pennsylvania as a youth and at the age of twenty-three she was struck by visions depicting a society of outcasts in sixteenth century Germany. Moved by the beauty, strength and wisdom of these long dead people, Anna revealed their practices and beliefs to a growing society of her own.
Also Create for Creation’s Sake – Valerie Cousens, Lisa Hind, and Louise Williams
On going to May4/12 is Two Tales of a City-Broken Lab Residency
The fabric banner installed along the side of HAI’s new building will feature a rotating series of call-and-response dualities over a six week period, while the oversized bunting will span 135 feet hung across the roofline and act as a timeline of collapsed and thriving industries, experiences, struggles, and victories of the city.

Hammer City Records DAVID IRVINE: Batteries Not Included
The art on exhibit will showcase the wide variety of style and themes that David Irvine employs. Paintings on reclaimed vinyl records, works on paper and canvas
228 James St N Basement@rear off Robert St./345 James North
The Factory Media Arts Centre-Outthere
Queer Shorts Across Canada, the best of LGBT short films from Canadian Artists.
228 James St. N. 905.577.9191 •

Sylvia Nickerson’s Open Studio-Abedo-Jamie Lawson
Recent works by world renowned artist Jamie Lawson, a rare glimpse into his cubist inspired works.
126 James North-3rd Floor Art

Studio 12-The Aspiring Lens: A Waterdown District High School Exhibit
Students at Waterdown District High School explored a variety of photographic genres this semester and their work has culminated in an outstanding exhibition which was generously supported by the photographers at Studio 12 with the offer of their fantastic gallery space during the June 8th Art Crawl. Approximately 12 students will attend the exhibit, representing the work of 23 students, spanning surrealism, abstract, landscape, and beyond. 126 James St North 2nd Floor

B Contemporary-New Notebooks-Gary Michael Dault
Gary Michael Dault is a writer, painter and art critic.  He has published seven books of poetry, the most recent being The Hebdomeros Suite with The Bronzino Poems (Exile Editions, 2011).  Dault has exhibited widely as a visual artist; his latest exhibition, Envelope & Contents, was at Peak Gallery in Toronto during December 2011.

You Me Gallery-Paul Cvetch-Woolay Boolay
Wooden sculptures with organic forms, Paul Cvetch is a long time Hamilton artist most famous for his worker memorial piece at city hall in hamilton.

James North Studio-Sherelle Wilsack-Feast
Personal pieces in a beautifully folklorish tone and contemporary feel. a description of one of her works-“She loves vivid hues, a flat, simplified linear style and a frontal pose that make her human figures look like ancient icons, though without the sacred messages.  In Mennonite Girl, a big oil on canvas, the sitter poses against a bright acid-green background”

Artword ArtBar-Leah Boyd
Jazz with  The Robert Chapman Trio (with Robert Chapman – guitar, Mark Ballyk – drums, Jon Stemmler – bass), plus special guests Ruthie Pytka-Jones – voice, and Matt Woroshyl – sax.
15 Colbourne St. •

The Printstudio- Engaging and Educating Hamilton’s Youth Through the Arts”
A culminating exhibition of The Print Studio’s Arts Education programs that bring artists into the schools and schools into the studio to create traditional and contemporary print media.

Manifest @ Havn (26 Barton East)
Grand-opening of the Hamilton Avdio/Visual Node
CONNOR BENNETT & KEARON ROY TAYLOR/visions and artefacts
sprawling soundscapes/ESCHATON/on the flat
Studios at Hamilton Hotel- TBA

Hansen & Lubbers-Art by Sanjay
Sanjay Patel is a refreshing artist who perfectly balances himself between classic, fine art fundamentals and modern couture design
144 James N

Blue Angel Gallery-Contemporary Art and Music

243 James St. N. 905.522.8735 •

The Clay Studio, 175 James St. N.
Contemporary works in a clay/pottery medium.

Focus Gallery-The Heart Lags cont’d
Emily Andrus,  Amanda Dudnik, Annie Fraser, Leslie Furness and Em Johnson

Hamilton HIStory + HERitage-Board of Education Building

Featuring video and photos of this hidden gem of architecture.

165 James St. N. 905.526.1405 •

Personal Reflections on being in love with your city.

Melanie Gillis Photography, 126 James St. N. 3rd Flr. 905.297.1196 •
Mixed Media, 154 James St. N. 905.529.2323 •
Showcasing a mix of locally inspired art including posters, prints and clothing with a Hamilton bent. New works by Scott Hume, Chelsea Watt, David Collier, Bryce Huffman, Matt McIness, Dave O’Connor, Becky Katz and others.

Homegrown Cafe- Live Art-artists and musicians
This event features live painting during music performances. The theme of improvisation inspired the idea to create a situation where musicians make music while graphic artists interpret the atmosphere.

The Sonic Unyon Building, 22 Wilson St.
Featuring the studios of Jenna Rose • Blackbird Studios • Silver Studio • Lori LeMare, Hidden Pony Vintage and Environment Hamilton.

Studios at Vasco da Gama, 175 James St. N. 3rd Flr.
Needlework, 174 James St. N. 905.385.1829
Worker’s Arts & Heritage Centre, 51 Stuart St. •
Transit Gallery
230 Locke St South

NeedleWork, Beaux Mondes and other news

needlework hamilton


So James St North has a new things happening, first of all there is Needlework which was nicely written about in the Hamilton Spectator and on Beaux Mondes too!

They’re located on 174 James St North, right across the street from The Printstudio. In fact its kind of a fabric version of the studio in that you can rent sewing machines to do your own projects, take classes,etc. Not just sewing but all sorts of fabric related projects. (Anyone toiling away on their own etsy projects might consider this option).

needlework hamilton second image


Now even though were late posting it, congrats to the Beaux Mondes ladies for getting a write up as well in the Hamilton Spectator! However after reading their post on The Cannon I find myself just craving coffee!

Other news, the CBC Hamilton is now going to be in the same building as The Agh’s furtniture store/space , also Blackbird Studio‘s has setup space in the old Artists Inc space. CopyDog has moved into Homegrown Cafe and in its place is going to be Books and  Beats.

Oh and on a side note, congrats to Flatspot and Bodega for their recent hostings of incredible artshows with local talent!

Manny Trinh Flatspot

Art by Manny Trinh.