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Shop Local Hamilton

shop local for christmas

This Christmas its important to know where your dollars go, I would encourage people to spend their money  locally. It not only improves the local economy but keeps local jobs flowing. I would especially encourage people to BUY ART for christmas! Art is not only a great gift but a great way to support the local arts and artcrawl in general.

These past couple years have seen some incredible growth for Hamilton’s economy with condo’s etc. its also seen a increase in poverty and people being pushed out by higher rents,etc Please if you can share some money with various local charities.


Art of the Day

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I was checking out the Rebel 8 blog and saw some awesome art I want to share with the Hamilton folks. I like these pictures on their blog, it shows what artists in Hamilton should be striving for, too many shows of late have been pretty medicore at best. Hopefully this is a bit of inspiration.

Anyways today’s art is Dabsmyla via Rebel 8.

via Rebel8 website

credit Rebel8

Supercrawl this Weekend

So incase you were living under a rock this year’s supercrawl is happening on friday/saturday/sunday!

I’m not going to bother posting all the events as there are too many to name. Many of the bars have after parties and all the regular galleries will have some great shows.

Special mention new gallery on james and cannon opening up! ($100dollar)

But here are some good guides.


AGH Gallery Opening Party June 25/15 & Open Streets on James St N June 28/15

Do You Like Art? If so you might want to goto the AGH’s June25/15 opening party!!!

Check out their blurb below, also image via agh.

Massive installations of ‘are you experienced?’ by six internationally renowned artists: Nadia Belerique, Jessica Eaton, Olafur Eliasson, Dorian FitzGerald, Hadley+Maxwell and Do Ho Suh.

Artists in attendance! We’re also launching the exhibition catalogue – 192-page fully illustrated catalogue with essays by Jennifer Fisher and Jim Drobnick, Sally McKay, Alana Traficante, Gabby Moser and artist interviews. Published by Black Dog Publishing, London UK.

Entertainment provided by DJ Osito (Dan Rivero), spinning funk and soul and Allegories, a Hamilton based group playing ambiguous pop.


art gallery of hamilton image


Also on June 28/15 most of James St North will be shut down to cars for the annual Streets Open!!!!