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Art Crawl This Friday April 13th 2012!

ART CRAWL April 13th 2012!!!

Update—-Central Library open for Art Crawl – 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Don’t miss the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra at 8 p.m., Gallery on 4 artist Ying Yu, Hamilton Sculptors Guild, McMaster Discovery Program and tons more. We’ve got great food too – Red Hill Roasters, Cupcake Diner and Gorilla Cheese!

Maker’s Market is also happening in front of Christ Cathederal Church!  (also New Harbours is playing inside the church)

Also please bring a non perishable good! Cannon & James North, help your community!

Bodega-Mouth Full of Stars presents The Pages-Zine Launch
220 King St.

Come celebrate the launch of the first issue of #HamOnt’s latest indie art zine, PAGED.
The début issue features work by:
Abena Asomaning

Ashley Ince

Melissa Mostacci

Petra Matar

and Samille Janelle




Hamilton Artists Inc-Fast Forward/Present Tense

Soheila Esfahani, Fatima Garzan, Farhang Jalali

Three contemporary artists who explore cultural translation within the context of Western society.  Soheila K. Esfahani, Fatima Garzan, and Farhang Jalali investigate the processes involved in cultural transfer and transformation.  three bring the rich artistic and cultural heritage of Iran and place it in a Canadian context; but each does so in his/her own way.  As artists, Esfahani, Garzan and Jalali have each looked for, and found, a way to meld their past and present lives, while creating works that speak to us with voices that are universal.

On going to May4/12 is Two Tales of a City-Broken Lab Residency

The fabric banner installed along the side of HAI’s new building will feature a rotating series of call-and-response dualities over a six week period, while the oversized bunting will span 135 feet hung across the roofline and act as a timeline of collapsed and thriving industries, experiences, struggles, and victories of the city.

Hammer City Records/This Ain’t Hollywood-Roller Derby Art

This Ain’t Hollywood and Hammer City Records are hosting an Art Crawl night that will feature artistic interpretations of the sport, the women who play it and the officials that keep it rolling safe. Skaters from HCRG will be on hand for this James Street North Art Crawl event, just ahead of their May 12 2012 home opener.

228 James St N Basement@rear off Robert St./345 James North

126 James North-3rd Floor Art

Studio 12-tba-a photographic artists collective 126 James St North 2nd Floor

B Contemporary-Entanglements-Peter Johnston

Fibreglass with pigment and resin sculptures that are disarmingly beautiful.

You Me Gallery-Are You Ready to Eat Squirrel?-Barbara Iwancyzk
& Laced with Dust & Kisses-Kelly Drennan

James North Studio-Paint-Frances Ward and Cultural Debris-Doug Carter

Artwork made from recycled objects and paintings.

Artword ArtBar-Leah Boyd

Leah Boyd exhibits sculpture, drawings, prints and collage. The exhibit is a collection of Leah’s work from her last two years as a student until now. Leah meticulously pieces together fragments of sculpture, drawing, printmaking, textile and found objects in order to replicate her own personal feelings of tension and anxiety.
15 Colbourne St. •

The Printstudio-Wherever You’re Going I’m Going Your Way

Photos about the relationship between first nation peoples and places as related to land rights, sovereignty and cultural identity.

A Journey Around My Skull-Mike Everett

My work carries strong political, social, and philosophical undertones and is informed by a deep respect for the works of Goya, Kathe Kollwitz, Alfred Hrdlicka, and Sue Coe.

Studios at Hamilton Hotel- TBA

Loose Cannon Gallery-Seams and other spaces-Matt Walker

On Weekend of exhibition for loose cannon’s last artcrawl!
150 james north

Mulberry Cafe-Group of 7 Billion

Featuring original cut’n’paste work by Drew Taylor, Caitlin Eady & Sean Gadoury. There will also be prints for sale, and probably some wine/cheese/beer. We’ll also be doing our usual thing at the fish market and bouncing back and forth.

The Factory Media Arts Centre-Resonant

Innovations in Sound & Projection Art currated by Amy MCIntosh


McMaster University’s laptop orchestra, an innovative electronic music ensemble led by Dr. David Ogborn.

ESCHATON -Connor Bennett & Aaron Hutchinson
Live electronic manipulations of saxophone with programmed beats.


This event will also feature the official release of the Cybernetic Orchestra’s first album – the culmination of three years work on live coding, gestural control, network art and experimental sound performance.

228 James St. N. 905.577.9191 •

Christ’s Church Cathedral- NEW HARBOURS-Egyptrixx/Kirk Starkey/Beef Terminal

A PWYC event of experimental music.

252 James North

Blue Angel Gallery-Contemporary Art and Music

243 James St. N. 905.522.8735 •

James Buttrum & Son Gallery-TBA-144 James St North

The Clay Studio, 175 James St. N.
Contemporary works in a clay/pottery medium.

Focus Gallery-The Heart Lags cont’d
Emily Andrus,  Amanda Dudnik, Annie Fraser, Leslie Furness and Em Johnson

Hamilton HIStory + HERitage-Board of Education Building

Featuring video and photos of this hidden gem of architecture.

165 James St. N. 905.526.1405 •

Personal Reflections on being in love with your city.

Melanie Gillis Photography, 126 James St. N. 3rd Flr. 905.297.1196 •
Mixed Media, 154 James St. N. 905.529.2323 •
Showcasing a mix of locally inspired art including posters, prints and clothing with a Hamilton bent. New works by Scott Hume, Chelsea Watt, David Collier, Bryce Huffman, Matt McIness, Dave O’Connor, Becky Katz and others.

Homegrown Cafe- Live Art-artists and musicians
$5 cost
Bryce Huffman, Lester Coloma, Os Paredes with Illitry, Sam Klass, Lobo Dot Com

This event features live painting during music performances.

The theme of improvisation inspired the idea to create a situation where musicians make music while graphic artists interpret the atmosphere.

The Sonic Unyon Building, 22 Wilson St.
Featuring the studios of Jenna Rose • Blackbird Studios • Silver Studio • Lori LeMare, Hidden Pony Vintage and Environment Hamilton.

Studios at Vasco da Gama, 175 James St. N. 3rd Flr.
Art by Victoria Pearce, Deborah Pearce & Jessica Roth. Also check out the BATTLE OF THE BRUSHES on the 2nd Floor!

Sylvia Nickerson Illustration, 126 James St. N. 3rd Flr. 905.730.3288 •
Tribal Gallery, 174 James St. N. 905.385.1829
Nomadic, tribal and ethnic jewellery, textiles and artifacts. Featuring photographs by John Mokrycke.

Worker’s Arts & Heritage Centre, 51 Stuart St. •

Transit Gallery
230 Locke St South


Hey McMaster History Students have a lecture series going on and Hamilton cancels polling station there.  Also council tries to save itself from its own mistakes for arts?

Oh and one more thing, its election time and I want everyone out there in Hamilton to vote! Hamilton seems to have a very inefficent government based on taxing/ bylaw enforcing working businesses and letting abandoned buildings collect tax breaks. Everyone seems to be waiting for some big saviour, whether its walmart or redhill expressway to turn things around. I think Small business/ ordinary people can do a better job!

I know some people think voting is a joke but even if it is it’s a cruel one, ever wonder why Hamilton downtown is so bad? No votes!

That is why I just wanted to say this blog/site offically supports MATT JELLY FOR WARD TWO

Why?  The main reason is he’s done more for the city in the last year then I have seen from anyone else! He was organized garbage crawls/ Bylaw crawls in a effort to clean this city and get people into action on a concrete level. He’s discovered some nasty abandoned buildings that turned out held toxic chemicals. When did anyone else do this?

Also he’s new and I am not talking about him being young, Hamilton’s councillors seem to be in a semi-perminant state of suspended animation where all there opnions and ideas are all from a by gone era. Unacceptable!

Matt is one of the few with a actual background in the arts from being a musician/artist, I think he would add a fresh prespective to the lawyers/business people on council.

Hamilton deserves politicans who don’t just look at easy answers or think of quick solutions. Matt Jelly is passionate about civic issues and not just for artists or business people but for all people in this city.

I urge you to vote and vote for Matt!

Matt Jelly in the Paper and Reminder Garbage Crawl Today!-BREAKING NEWS!!!!


I kinda disagree with the Spec’s claim of Matt Jelly being a nuisance, hell give me two more and maybe the city would be ok by now!


Today · 10:00am – 2:00pm
Location    Caroline and Stuart Street, Behind the former Rheem Factory.
THIS SATURDAY – WEST HARBOUR GARBAGE CRAWL. Meet at 10 am behind the Rheem Factory at Caroline North and Stuart Street. Bring bags and gloves and friends and family. We’ll be picking up litter from the naturalized areas around the train tracks.

Feel free to use the event photo as your profile photo to help spread the word. Let the cleanup begin.

More News

Sorry to keep doing this to you but……

West Harbour GARBAGE CRAWL!!!!! With Mr. Matt Jelly!

Rally for West Harbour this Sunday in Hess!!!! Link Here…..

One thing everyone can agree upon from Dofasco is that wherever the stadium is built use local materials! (Also who knew Dofasco has twitter?)

On a lighter note did you know Matt Jelly is also a designer?

Also you may want to stop by 170 King in Hamilton my friend Bryce Huffman has a art show there!

More News/Politics but then some art related stuff!

Ok so not only has Matt Jelly (and hopefully future mayor) discovered toxic waste apparently he was not satisfied with doing politicans jobs, now he’s even a crime fighter!!!! Check out his video here....Unlike Hamilton city hall, the province has wisely agreed with Matt’s opinons and stopped him from running for premier by also saying that the stadium should be in the westend! The Future Fund seems to agree with Matt…..

Mean while in Burlington folks also againist the PanAm Carnage which plans to destroy a whole forest!!!! Strangley they don’t like all artifical grass replacing the natural environment? How strange? Wierd it seems all these artist types actually give a crap about their communities! Lindsay Holton to Matt Jelly! No wonder the arts are starved for funding you might actually get a decent society if they had decent resources!

Akimbo has a great post about David Mach, who btw has a piece at McMaster Art Gallery!

Awesome right but then again no POSTER MADE FROM BLOOD!!!!!!!

Also check out the original post that Printeresting pointed to here at Metastazes!

Click on the image to see its full Black Metal Evilness full force!

Also from another post this cool tattoo!

Matt Jelly For Mayor!

First if you can attend this meeting tomorrow please do Hamilton needs you!!!!

Ok I offically want Matt Jelly to be Hamilton’s Next Mayor and no this isn’t a joke either. If you haven’t been following his progress as of late, he’s done garbage crawl, leading the opposition to the crazy stadium out in the farm hinterland and recently discovered/exposed a bunch of toxic dumps! WTF? isn’t that the city’s job? And that’s why I think he’s perfect for the job!

Mystery Toxic Barrels down on Hess and Stuart St, the spec wasn’t even nice enough to credit him!

Sure the picture below might as Bob Bratina might say “overweight” but he’s done more for this city this year then Bob or the rest of city council has!

Matt Jelly For Mayor

Also check out the video on the bottom of this link!!!

The George and Rick Show?

First read this basically its about a facebook page about bringing CBC celeb’s to SuperCrawl specifically the Economic Development Department of Hamilton created the page. Ok so why are they so concerned with such trivial matters? I dunno maybe they should promote things like by-law crawl or even I dunno high densities for downtown living? or grants and loans for small businesses? On one end the city basically is targeting buskers but is also trying to take credit for the hard work by the arts/music communities. I would ask the economic development area to maybe stick some bike racks down here in the place of maybe one or two parking spots?  Or maybe have a artist grants instead of lame arts awards?? or you know economic development like encouraging people to setup co-ops or make videos of successful small businesses?

I really don’t care if these people come to supercrawl or not, I just want to see people in Hamilton actually participating in their own city! How about CHNews comes to a regular old artcrawl!!!! How about council members come down and actually see what a tiny bit of money invested in the small arts can do for Hamilton!

But most of all I want to see higher quality events and things in Hamilton, as I have said many a time forget imitating Toronto lets aim higher like a Berlin or Montreal!

A Message From Mr. Matt Jelly

This is a quick notice to let you know about a community cleanup event happening tomorrow morning in the Balsam neighbourhood, hosted by Parkview Secondary School. The cleanup happens tomorrow (Friday May 21st) at 10:30 am til 11:30 am, followed by a BBQ from 11:30 til 12:30. All are welcome to join the group and help beautify the neighbourhood. Hats off to Walter Bogul and the students of Parkview for taking this on- it’s always great to see citizens taking part to make the City a better place to live, work and play, and great to see educators inspiring young people to care about their neighbourhood. If you have some free time, please come down and lend a hand!

Also- on a completely unrelated note, I’ll be playing a show tomorrow night at This Ain’t Hollywood (345 James St. North) with Lee Reed and Nilla. It’s my unofficial birthday party, and I’m anticipating a great night of music. The show starts around 9 pm, and cover is 8 dollars, or 6 dollars with a canned good.

Famous Folks I know

Congrats to Matt Jelly for a awesome Garbage Crawl, he even got a mention in the local paper!

Another big note was the interview with Jane and Holly of White Elephant in Toronto Craft Alert!! Go check out the article!

Also another thing of note was a article in the spectator about a Steam Punk Couple! Its pretty awesome and although I’m not into it at all I would love to see tons of Hamilton folks into this cause somehow I think it fits!

More Updates for April

Hamilton Public Book Sale is April 12 till April 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its somewhere in Jackson Square, next up fooooooooodddd…..

April 9,10, 11 at Copps comes the Food & Drink Fest! $12 for a day of food and drink, what could be better?

Since it seems to be Environmental time as well…………………

Treehugger has a couple interesting articles. Above the cigarette carpet which I think Hamilton could have a industry in these.

Team up and clean up! April 19-25 is Hamilton’s clean up week!!! On that note By Law Crawl goes crazy in May with Garbage Crawl and a special emphasis on cleaning up stuff with seperate bags just for Tim Hortons! We all love Tims but wouldn’t we love them more if they were a super environmental company???

Also in Treehugger links thought I’d share this disturbing one……