ArtCrawl Today!

TH&B Closing Party! (270 Sherman North)
One last look at this amazing and i do mean amazing art show!
TH&B United is a large scale artist project that takes place within the historic industial mill at 270 Sherman Ave. N., Hamilton. Featuring more than a dozen artists and artist collectives, this unique exhibition on the second and third floors of the facility will focus on multidiscipllinary artworks ranging from sculpture to site-specific installations including audio and video.
Dr Disc Presents-Raising the Roof (behind doctor disc)
The annual tradition of bands playing on the back of Dr.Disc. Enjoy some free music and a great time!
Stax Gallery David Grieve-Paintings (144 James N)
THE NATHANIEL HUGHSON GALLERY-Beverley Hawksley the inside story … is not only mine(27 John n and King William)
May 11 to July 5, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday, May 15, 7pm
Beverley Hawksley is a visual storyteller, but this time, she wants you to bring your own narrative to her images. How you relate to the work, and what you take away from it, is most important to the Huntsville artist. Join us for the opening reception on May 15th and become part of the conversation.

HAMILTON ARTISTS INC- THERE IS NO THERE | Derrick Piens, Jen Aitken, Beth Stuart, Jose Aubin-Ouellette, Jenine Marsh and Liza Eurich
There is no There refers to Gertrude Stein’s quote regarding Oakland, CA and its relation to San Francisco, CA: “there is no there, there.” This statement confronts twentieth-century concepts of suburban expansion along with the simultaneous loss of industry. The artists in this exhibition engage with this concept materially and metaphysically through an obscured representation of object based transference; work is created through the removal or covering up of a form; making the invisible, visible, and vice versa. There is no There removes the locative from the aforementioned quote by making cohesive connections between artist methodologies that stretch both regionally and nationally in scope.
HAMMER CITY RECORDS-Recent Drawings By Alex John K (228 StN At Rear off Robert Alley)
So we’ve all heard of Hamilton, Ontario but did you know there’s also a Hamilton in New Zealand!? YES, IT IS TRUE. Alex John .K is a punk artist from Hamilton, NZ and is showing his work at Hammer City Records this month! Fans of Raymond Pettibon and classic comic artists Los Bros. Hernandez, Charles Burns and Daniel Clowes will dig his stuff.
Come out, eat some hummus, enjoy some sweet tunes spun by HCR resident DJs and feast your eyes on heaps of original drawings and prints that made a very long voyage here. Don’t miss out!

THE FACTORY-Bilingual Ep Release Party Cybernetic Orchestra
The Cybernetic Orchestra is celebrating the release of their third album, the EP Bilingual, from 7:30-10:30 PM at the Factory Media Centre, during April Art Crawl. Live coding soloists throughout the evening, plus the orchestra itself after 9! (admission: free)

HAVN-Bee Box Project
Bee Box Project is…
About 20 artists and 1 beekeeper releasing artistic design and honey bees into the Hamilton environment. It is a project with a hive mentality of leaving behind a better or more beautiful landscape. Providing an unique home for Apis Melifera (Honey Bee). The bee in turn provides pollination and fertility in Hamilton.
Working together to provide a home for honey bees farmed by Humble Bee aka Luc Peters. The approach and style of art is completely unique for each artist in this collaboration. As different as the art and the artist may be, the base of which the media is applied, is the same. A wooden box. Known as a “deep super.”
Artists-Becky Katz,Connor Bennett,Dan Hill,Dan Rivero,Drew Taylor, Gord Pullar,Graeme Alama, Isabelle Dobronyi,Juliana LaChance, Julie Fazooli,Keisha Joseph, Keisha Neoma-Quinn,temper temper, Lori Le Mare, Matt Jelly, Matt Junkin,Petra Matar, Stylo Starr,Victoria Valstein

CENTRE3–BROKEN SIMULACRUM-Andre O’Connor and Amy McIntosh
roken Simulacrum explores the impression of control one has when interacting with technology, and how this can frame perceptions of time, freedom, and memory.
ANDREW O’CONNOR is a Hamilton, ON based painter, animator, designer and new media artist. O’Connor has a combined B.A. (Hons.) Degree in Fine Arts and Multimedia from McMaster University, and an Ontario College Post-Graduate Certificate (Hons.) in Computer Animation from Sheridan College. A co-founder and curator of Hamilton Audio Visual Node (HAVN), O’Connor is also a recent recipient of the OAC Media Arts-Emerging grant.

AMY MCINTOSH is a New Media artist and curator, originally from Embro, Ontario. McIntosh has an Honours Degree in Fine Arts and Multimedia, and an M.A. in New Media and Communications from McMaster University. She is a co-founder of HAVN, a collaborative studio and gallery.

YOU ME GALLERY -Mental Health Rights Coalition presents
TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY an art exhibition celebrating
Mental Health Month

FLAGSHIP GALLERY-Restore -Jeanette Obbink
Paintings (237 James N)

ART WORD ART BAR -Music and Art(15 Colbourne aka James and Colburne)
Jazz Music


This Aint Hollywood/Club Absinthe/Homegrown/Baltimore House-All these events have music after parties. Usually This Aint Hollywood, Homegrown and Club Absinthe have art as well.

66 James Street North (before Wilson)

NEEDLEWORK- 174 James N-Textile Workshop
Temporarily above burnt tongue!


HOMEGROWN-tba KIng William

HISTORY AND HERITAGE-and also Hamilton store

MCCARTNEY & SON Resturant-282 James North

WORK-337 James North

HANDKNIT YARN STUDIO-Yarn Supplies 10 Cannon


O’S CLOTHES -8 Cannon St

CHAISES MUSICALS-Furniture, books, music, dvds (cannon and james)
152 James St North

WHITE ELEPHANT-Clothes and Jewlery 133 James N

THE CLAY STUDIO- 175 James St N.

MELAINE GILLIS STUDIO -126 James St N. (above the Factory 3rd Floor)

SYLVIA NICKERSON ILLUSTRATION-126 James St N. (above the Factory 3rd Floor)