art crawl this friday!

November Oct 13/15 Artcrawl!

Friday, December 11, 6 – 10 pm
Saturday, December 12, 11 am – 5pm
Join us for the third annual Craft Mart at Hamilton Artists Inc., 155 James St N., Hamilton. Craft Mart is a curated craft and design market with some of the area’s most talented and avant-garde artisans selling their wares.
Craft Mart will be open during Art Crawl on Friday, December 11, and Saturday, December 12, for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. Hot coffee and sweet treats will also be sold.

Our Biennale theme “The End of the World in Our Usual Bed In a Night Full of Rain” is taken from a 1978 Lina Wertmueller film which we have not seen but we hoped sounded suitably pretentious and apocalyptic. The film, starring Candice Bergen and Giancarlo Giannini was a critical and popular failure, another theme we here at HDG find intriguing.

HAMMER CITY RECORDS-Waxworks Annual Show
It’s the 6th Annual Waxworks Art Crawl Night!
Stacks of art on wax hit the wall on this annual group show including art by shop friends from Hamilton and beyond. This will be full of new and returning artists & artwork, so if you missed out the first time round you might luck out and pick up that chunk of vinyl that would look great on your wall.
Our basement record room will be rocking with the sweet sounds of DJs Old Dirty Burger and GG Ellis!

YOU ME GALLERY-The Contemporaries Ride Again!
Group Show-Fred Bilanzola (1956-2001) Judi Burgess Raffaele Caterini Paul Cvetich John Kinsella Janice Kovar Paul Ropel Morski Lisa Wohrle

HAVN-Scars-Raquel Moliterno
Raquel Moliterno is a photographer from São Paulo, Brazil, exploring 19th century techniques, including Cyanotype, Van Dyke Brown, Albumen, and more. Since 2008, she has worked in the preservation of photographic archives and participated in projects at the Public Archives of the State of São Paulo, the Museu Paulista in Ipiranga, the Cinematheque, as well as the Bienal de São Paulo. She is currently living in Toronto to study her Master of Arts in Photographic Preservation and Collections Management.

FACTORY MEDIA CENTRE -Annual Members Screenings
Members films.

FLAGSHIP GALLERY-Molecular Mashup-Heidi Brannan
The convergence of the natural and the Mysterious, sculptural works.

B CONTEMPORARY-Terrain Vague-Michael AllgoewerAbstract works.

MULBERRY CAFE-Fehn Foss and Peter Michael Wilson

CENTRE 3-RetroDeco-Ingrid Mayhofer
Installation piece.

COMPILATION-Pop Party-Julie Fazooli (Wilson St off James N)
Paintings and merchandise.

ART WORD ART BAR -Music and Art(15 Colbourne aka James and Colburne)
Jazz Music

This Aint Hollywood/Club Absinthe/Homegrown/Baltimore House-All these events have music after parties. Usually This Aint Hollywood, Homegrown and Club Absinthe have art as well.

66 James Street North (before Wilson)

NEEDLEWORK– 174 James N-Textile Workshop
Temporarily above burnt tongue!


HOMEGROWN-tba KIng William

HISTORY AND HERITAGE-and also Hamilton store

SALTLICK-282 James North

WORK-337 James North

HANDKNIT YARN STUDIO-Yarn Supplies 149 James N


O’S CLOTHES -150 James St N

CHAISES MUSICALS-Furniture, books, music, dvds (cannon and james)
152 James St North

WHITE ELEPHANT-Clothes and Jewlery 133 James N

THE CLAY STUDIO– 175 James St N.

MELAINE GILLIS STUDIO -126 James St N. (above the Factory 3rd Floor)

SYLVIA NICKERSON ILLUSTRATION-126 James St N. (above the Factory 3rd Floor)