Art Crawl This Friday!


You Me Gallery-paintings of naked people

CAMERON KUNTZ  Saints in Underwear and Other Stories

Studio 12-Art Sale
Art sale with works by Studio 12 members and Peter Young, glass by Dragonfly Designs and Eclipse Design, paintings by Gerten Bason and pottery by Deb McBride.
126 James St North, second floor.

Art Crawl Afterparty with The Safety Collective
27 King William
THE SAFETY COLLECTIVE will finally be rocking the newly-renovated Homegrown Hamilton. We will be taking the stage with our high energy eclectic rock music after the James St. North art crawl, around 11pm.
Special guest SUSTAINABILITY THE MUSICAL will start off the event during the art crawl from 9:00 to 10:00.
Indie-Acoustic-Rocker FLASHING AMBER will take to the stage at 10:00.
Singer/Songwriter extraordinaire LIAM BRIMMS will perform from 10:30 to 11.
NO cover! This show is 19+ with micro-brews on tap and in bottles!


Studios at Hamilton Hotel- Sylvia Simpson (boardroom space)

Mulberry Cafe-Michael D Clarke


Channeling the Dadaist technique of Automatism throughout most of his work, Thomas Jessome can perhaps be best categorized as an Internet topographer. In the heyday of advance imaging and image manipulation, Thomas utilizes dated techniques -such as bitmapping- and images found on random Google searches to imbue the saturation of information available on the net with new meaning.

EVOL-126 jAMES north

art-Catlin Easdy, Sean Gadoury, Becky Katz
music-slowly slowly and josh st.denis

Print Studio- PETER Karuna-transients & Paula Krochak-living fossil

Peter Karuna’s documentary photographs taken in Canada and abroad convey moments of impermanence, movement and rootlessness in their imagery. Inspired by the artist’s own experiences of diaspora, migration and travel the monochromatic works explore notions of ephemerality and tourism as related to empire.

In this body of work Paula Krochak deconstructs the shape of ginkgo leaves and other forms found in nature into basic shapes, lines and parabolic curves. Creating works that are influenced by the relationship between mathematical equations and patterns that can be identified in nature, she often uses this as a starting point for her work and undermines and modifies the authority of balance and rational through the addition of hand drawn elements

Christ’s Church Cathedral- NEW HARBOURS

The New Harbours 2011 series wraps up with a killer double bill – beautiful avant pop from SANDRO PERRI and cosmic synthscapes from STEVE HAUSCHILDT of EMERALDS fame ~~~ Both are celebrating the release of new albums – Sandro’s “Impossible Spaces” on Constellation and Steve’s ” Tragedy and Geometry” on Kranky
252 James North

Artword Artbar-Reality is not what it seems-Ratticus, Sallow Crow and Steven Adrian Jeffrey
Paintings, also live bands playing
15 Colbourne St. •
B Contemporary-John MacGregor-The Warp and Weft of Time
226 James St. N. •

Throughout his illustrious career John MacGregor has investigated the effects of time on ordinary objects. For his show of new work at b contemporary chairs, clocks, tables and entire rooms undergo the distortions of time shifts, even rifts in time/space, appearing simultaneously in multiple locations, or disappearing  entirely into a vortex of line and colour. Please join us as we celebrate the unique vision of a Canadian Master

Blue Angel Gallery-Contemporary Art and Music

243 James St. N. 905.522.8735 •

James Buttrum & Son Gallery-Mathew Schofield-144 James St North


The Clay Studio, 175 James St. N.
Contemporary works in a clay/pottery medium.

Focus Gallery-Featuring surrealist and Dada inspired artist David Hynes, expressionist Christopher Lori, Tempera Grassa (Oil Tempera Emulsion) Traditionalist, Scott James Owles and photographic works by the late Randy Steele. Performing on the Marimba will be Hamilton percussionist Stefan Kitai starting at 8 pm.

The Factory Media Arts Centre-Scared Spirit-Zacalie Z
228 James St. N. 905.577.9191 •

Zazalie Z. loves to explore the boundaries of vocal art, strum on expérimental strings, and navigate between contemporary, traditional, and avant-garde music.

Inspired by the cultures of First Nation, Métis, and Inuit people, she spent the last three years touring reserves and indigenous centres to record images at Pow Wows and spiritual gatherings. She created the text, the soundtrack, and the videos for the show Sacred Spirit «Sur le territoire des esprits sacré » based on the stories she gathered and her own experience and memories during these events.

Hamilton HIStory + HERitage, 165 James St. N. 905.526.1405 •
Recent exhibitions include photos of The Board of Education and Lister Block at Hamilton’s first and only storefront museum.

Hamilton Artists Inc., 161 James St. N. 905.529.3355 •
New Space Enjoy, various artists

Hammer City Records-THE SPOOKY ASTRONAUTS DRAWING CLUB- 228 James St. N enter at Robert •

International Art Collective THE SPOOKY ASTRONAUTS DRAWING CLUB is taking over the shop for November’s Art Crawl Night! NEW Plaque Mounted Pieces, Posters and Buttons will be available.

James North Studio, 328 James St. N.
Loose Canon Gallery-TBA

Melanie Gillis Photography, 126 James St. N. 3rd Flr. 905.297.1196 •
Mixed Media, 154 James St. N. 905.529.2323 •
Showcasing a mix of locally inspired art including posters, prints and clothing with a Hamilton bent. New works by Scott Hume, Chelsea Watt, David Collier, Bryce Huffman, Matt McIness, Dave O’Connor, Becky Katz and others.

Homegrown Cafe- PWYC music show, old skydragon space.

RELISH, 6 Cannon St. E. • Relish on Etsy
Relish now occupies the space formerly known as Downtown Bike Hounds (now located at 14 John St. N.). Stylish art, design and fashion curated by Katherine Hollands is sure to make people turn the corner and discover this interesting new endeavour.
Skydragon Centre, 27 King William St. •

The Sonic Unyon Building, 22 Wilson St.
Featuring the studios of Jenna Rose • Blackbird Studios • Silver Studio • Lori LeMare, Hidden Pony Vintage and Environment Hamilton.

Studio 12, 126 James St. N. 3rd floor •

The Studios at Hotel Hamilton, 195 James St. N. •
Lots of great studios to explore including Julia Veenstra’s beautiful space. In Room 208 this month: Bernie Hudecki and his pointillistic painting made with crayon and marker. Portraits, still life, figurative work.

Studios at Vasco da Gama, 175 James St. N. 3rd Flr.
Art by Victoria Pearce, Deborah Pearce & Jessica Roth. Also check out the BATTLE OF THE BRUSHES on the 2nd Floor!

Sylvia Nickerson Illustration, 126 James St. N. 3rd Flr. 905.730.3288 •
Tribal Gallery, 174 James St. N. 905.385.1829
Nomadic, tribal and ethnic jewellery, textiles and artifacts. Featuring photographs by John Mokrycke.

Worker’s Arts & Heritage Centre, 51 Stuart St. • Hammering Away: Erasure and Action in Hamilton is a multidisciplinary art exhibition conceived by the Workers Arts & Heritage Centre in association with Hamilton Artists Inc. and the SHIFT Collective that brings together artists from a variety of perspectives, localities and backgrounds working toward a deeper understanding and re-imagining of the matrices and totalities active in the city of Hamilton and the creation of Hamilton-ness. Artists include: Bryce Kanbara, Robert Yates, Emily Andrus, Kat O’ Hagan (Kiki LeFont), Gordon Leverton, Annie E. Fraser, Gerten Basom, Christina DeMelo, Emily Johnson, Millie Roy & Michael Allgoewer.

White Elephant Handmade & Vintage, 133 James St. N. 905-667-0325 •

You Me Gallery-Wayne Allan Journeyman Hellen Sovereign Museum of the Mind
330 James St. N. 905.523.7754 • the first .

Transit Gallery-Matthew Varey- New Work
230 Locke St South